Forma Stanzol Review: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to bodybuilding supplements, testosterone boosters, and other kinds of male dietary supplements, you will find that there are lots of different levels of legality. You won’t find it unless you start digging deep into the matter. Another thing that might surprise you is that you will find some products are more legal than other competing products. One such supplement is Forma Stanzol. This product is primarily an anti-aromatase supplement that was used to be sold in the United States as a prescription drug, and it still is in some countries. However, the product is legal nonetheless, as an over-the-counter topical spray.

So what is the deal with Forma Stanzol? Forma Stanzol is a product designed for males as a standalone fat burner. The product can also be used to compliment a testosterone boosting cycle. You probably know how important testosterone is for the various functions of the male body. However, the older you get, the testosterone levels in your system get lower. You notice symptoms like decreased energy, lack of libido, poor sleep, weight gain, low stamina, etc. Increasing your testosterone will alleviate most of these issues of aging, but there is a problem. When you increase testosterone, you also run the risk of unintentionally increasing estrogen. Estrogen is a female sex hormone that’s also responsible for some of the health issues we listed above. It’s one of the side effects associated with too much testosterone. We aren’t discussing herbal or natural testosterone boosting supplements here. We are talking about testosterone boosters, injections, and gels that contain synthetic testosterone. To prevent these side effects, using a product like Forma Stanzol will help to prohibit the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Benefits of Forma Stanzol

Some of the primary benefits of Forma Stanzol are:

  1. Increases testosterone levels
  2. Blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen
  3. Regulates estrogen levels
  4. Helps build muscle and strength
  5. Promotes energy levels
  6. Improves libido and sexual performance

Ingredients of Forma Stanzol and How They Function

The ingredients of Forma Stanzol are straightforward. The main active ingredient in Forma Stanzol is called Formestane. Formestane can be used by prescription, and it helps in blocking the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It also reduces Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG) levels by 34% which leads to more free testosterone. Formestane also increases IGF-1 levels by 26%, which assists in building and maintaining muscle and strength. Other additional ingredients are DIM, Horse Chestnut Seed, Benzoflavone, and Chrysin.

Pros and Cons of Forma Stanzol

Pros of Forma Stanzol:

  1. Forma Stanzol comes in a spray bottle making it convenient and easy to use.
  2. It can be utilized for various purposes.
  3. It’s a prescription-strength product and is more readily available now.
  4. Its potency has been clinically tested and reported to work.
  5. We found many positive Forma Stanzol reviews from customers who have used the product and had real success.

Cons of Forma Stanzol:

  1. If you are taking other medications, you need to check in with a doctor before using Forma Stanzol.
  2. There’s no money back guarantee.

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