Four Questions Never To Ask Your Partner

Communicating with your partner can be tricky sometimes. You may have the best intentions and only want your spouse to be closer to you. But, the way you decide, to tell the truth, or anything in your mind can inadvertently make a barrier between you and your spouse. And if that rift isn’t taken care of, then it can become deleterious to your relationship. Therefore, you might feel that you aren't totally honest with your partner, or that you only say things that your partner wants to hear. On the flip-side, this also has some drawbacks. Tension and resentment can cause a communication gap, which is also detrimental.

So, to have an open, honest and happy relationship, you have to discuss things with your partner, even about the matter you both disagree. However, there are some questions you should never ask your partner.

1. Don’t ask questions like, “Why don’t you —- anymore?

It is healthy to talk about certain behaviours with your partner, but don’t put him or her in a defensive position by accusing him or her of something, and hope that this thing never happens. In most cases, the accusations aren't real, and the accusing partner may look desperate or a nag. Always acknowledge when your partner does something you like and appreciate, even if it doesn't happen as you expected it.

2. Don’t ask questions like “Is she beautiful?”

You might not think yourself as jealous, but a question like this comes out from your mouth unintended, then think again. Asking questions like these puts your partner in an uncomfortable position, and even if he or she replied by saying, “no,” I don’t think you would believe it. This kind of question may expose your low self-esteem and insecurities to your partner.

3. Don’t ask questions like, “Do I look fat in this?”

This is a cliche question among couples. Like the previous one, this question also puts your spouse in an uneasy position. Here too, there is no safe to answer this question without hurting or offending your partner. Maybe your partner will give a reply that you like to hear, but I have doubt you will believe it. Regardless, what your partner says you, you’ll still feel vulnerable about your physical appearance. We understand it is okay for your to ask your partner if you’re attractive to him or her, but if you don’t feel beautiful deep within yourself, you won’t believe any compliments your partner gave you. If you want a happy and long-lasting relationship, you must have a high self-esteem and a positive image of your body.

4. Don’t ask questions like, “Is anything wrong with you?”

It can be depressing when you notice your significant other is all acting weird or silent, and you have no clue about it. Your spouse distancing from you may look like he or she is rejecting you. Before you search for answers about why your partner isn’t at his or her usual form, take a deep breath a think. It’s likely that you know why his or her mood is off, or it can be that you simply don’t know. Instead, consider asking different questions such as, “Can I be of any help?” or “Talk to me about it,” are more useful and inviting to your partner to open up to you.

Overall, communication is the key for any relationship to last and thrive in the long term. These above questions will only make your partner drift further away from you.

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