4 Reasons You Are Turned Down For Sex By Your Partner

Let’s be honest, being turned down for sex by your partner is awful. You feel rejected and hurt at a personal level. You become angry and resentful towards your partner when she tells you she’s in no mood to have sex. But, if you think that she has no feelings towards you and doesn’t respect your needs, then it’s sad. But, did you even think that maybe it’s your actions and fault that made her turn down your advances? Read on to find more:

1. Timing

Whether you can have sex or not with your partner has a lot to do when you ask her. Is your partner tired? Did she just have a big meal? Did she just return home from work? Is she sad or distracted? Sometimes men fail to understand that most women won’t be aroused if they’re pondering on something or feeling upset such as a fight with a friend or something that’s gone wrong at work and so on. Whereas for men, only a light kiss on the mouth is enough for most men to forget all the problems and be ready for some sex. So the next time when you’re thinking about initiating sex with a partner, and you get turned down, don’t get angry.

2. Approach

When you were dating your partner, did she ask you to have sex with her? Of course, not! You made her get attracted to you, seduced her, made her want, and you took control. Just because you’re now in a relationship doesn’t mean that she will be ready to have sex with you when you ask for it. Women want their partners to make them feel needed. This is why you had so much sex during the early days of dating, not because you asked for it, but because you wanted her and you made her feel it!

3. Appearance

Women pay more attention to appearance to their bodies and other bodies more than men. It’s true that you're in a relationship for a while and she still loves you. But, they still maintain standards. You’re naïve to think that they’re still attracted to sexually like before when you’ve gained a few extra pounds and uncaring about your grooming habits. So, get fit, keep yourselves clean, be impeccably groomed and make an effort to be appealing to her just like you did when you both first started dating.

4. Foreplay

One big mistake most men make is a lack of foreplay while initiating sex. Foreplay is much more important that the act of sex itself. There is no break for foreplay. So, before you think about asking your partner for sex, recall how things have been between the two of you before the last time you had sex. Did you have a fight or an argument a few hours ago? Then forget about having sex with your partner until you resolve the matter you had an argument over. Have you been paying attention to her feelings and thoughts recently? Have you been kind with her? Remember, you can only have “makeup sex” when you made an effort or worked to resolve a problem in your relationship.

Finally, if you want to have a more active, fulfilling sex life, and sexually satisfy your partner, keep in mind that woman wants you to make an effort for it. So, the next time, your partner doesn’t want to be physically intimate with you, it’s time you examine yourself and see if you’re contributing to the problem.

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