Four Things to Consider While Dating on Social Media

These days it’s becoming increasingly common for singles to meet new people via social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Looks easy and promising, but issues like safety, privacy, cyber bullying have become so overwhelming and out of control that many men and women have stopped using as a venue to meet possible dates. But, the same issues are also reported for sites dedicated for online dating. The key is to use it in a way so you can understand and navigate through all these problems. Here are a few techniques on how you can do that:

1. Consider Mutual Friends

One of the most publicized topics about social media is safety and privacy of the user. There are plenty of incidents when users have been “catfished,” when the person the likes or possibly loved online, isn’t the same in real life. To prevent yourself from these awkward and sometimes dangerous incidents, we recommend you only communicate with someone who has at least one or a few mutual friends. You may meet a person when he or she liked your profile picture, or a funny link or story he or she shared on your friend’s timeline or retweeted one of your tweets, and so forth. Both Facebook and Twitter has options where you can befriend someone and follows him or her depending on things that you like or interest you, location and your friend’s networks.

2. Show Him or Her That You Like By “Liking” Them

If you want someone to be on their radar, then the easiest way to do that is by “liking” their profile photos, pictures they posted or any interesting or funny story or link he or she shared. You can do this both on Facebook and Twitter. If you think that you’re still not ready for it and send a message, then start slow by liking their statuses, tweets, posts now and then. If he or she shares or tweets a link to an article about something you’re interested about, then liking or favouring it will not only bring your name at the top of his or her mind, it will also show that you both share a common interest. However, keep in mind, not to overdo it. Always clicking the “like” button on everything he or she may make you appear needy or desperate to them, which are unattractive traits in people.

3. Begin By Small Conversations

After liking some posts, it’s now time to initiate a conversation. Start simple by just replying or commenting on his or her posts or tweets. It will make you appear casual and thoughtful in your approach to the person you like, which will pave the way for a conversation.

4. Send a Message

If you’ve received some good impressions from your interactions so far, the moment has arrived for you to send a message. You don’t have to send a detailed one, just send a link to an article he or she may like or just invite him or her to one of your friend’s dinner party in the weekend. Sending a message privately is all you need a person you like to open up and see if there is any connection or chemistry between the two of you.

Online dating or meeting someone on social media has exploded in popularity in recent times. Moreover, it’s not only the young men and women looking for love online; veterans are too hooked on it. The future of finding of love online will only keep growing.

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