Four Things a Man Wants In a Woman

If you want to win a man’s mind and his heart, you’ll need to know how to convince a man from dating you casually to engage and develop a loving, committed relationship with you. And by a man we mean, we are talking about a real man—who is mature physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Here we will tell you how you find a guy with those qualities and who is looking to establish a real and exclusive relationship with you.

So, what does a real, mature guy wants to see in a woman, whom he seeks to have a relationship? Read on to find out:

Real Men Want Playful Women

Men are taught to be active and play and express themselves. They were raised to connect to people around them through actions. But, unfortunately, a lot of women can’t understand that, and they only want to get to a man’s heart through words. The truth is, men just don’t “feel” it when you say how you feel about them. Words don’t attract men; it’s the experiences that you offer, that gets them drawn to you naturally. Play or watch sport together, be competitive with them, laugh and tell jokes – you’ll get noticed if they find you fun and exciting.

Real Men Want Women Who Are Independent

Many women believe that men want their girlfriends and wives to be “weak” so that they can fell they are powerful and smarter than them. That’s not true. Real men want to be in a relationship with a woman who will inspire them because she also has great things happening in her own life. They love women who have their own goals and purpose other than being in a relationship. A mature man is never afraid of a woman’s achievement and independence. What matters to him is that the woman still has time in her life to be in a committed relationship with and present at the moment when she’s with him.

Real Men Are Attracted to Emotionally Mature Women

In a relationship, there will be arguments and misunderstandings. A man’s attraction to a woman depends on how she can handle it. A mature woman will not criticize or blame the man about feelings but will share it honestly that will help a man to understand her better. This will make her attractive to a man. Emotional maturity is one the most important traits men try to find in women when they decide to whether they want or not to be in a serious relationship with them. A woman, who can’t handle her emotions in a mature way, is a big turn-off for him.

Real Men wants to with Women They’re Very Attracted To

Some women say men are scared of being in a serious relationship with the ladies because they’re afraid of commitment is untrue. But they’re afraid to have a relationship with someone who they attracted to and have no passion. Men are attracted to women when they try too hard to like them and by making the relationship serious very soon. Don’t rush, relax and let things go at its own pace. But, make sure you do and say things make the relationship fun and interesting from the beginning. A woman who can relax and have fun is very appealing to most men.

The takeaway here is unlike most women who think men don’t like to be in serious relationships; it’s the opposite. Men like to be in relationships with women who are fun, interesting, and independent and who can bring the best of themselves in the relationship.

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