Fun Things to Do On a Date

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Your first date went well? Congratulations! Now, you’ve got to make sure that you don’t fall into the same rut which gets many new couples: monotony.

Here is what usually happens when couples start dating. They make a big effort for the first couple of dates (check out our first date ideas here). Then they start to get comfortable with each other. The girl no longer shows up for the date dressed to the nines in heels and a sexy black thing. And the guy might not even bother to shower anymore! After a while, the couple doesn’t even bother going out anymore and so begins a series of “nights in” which turn into a relationship based on TV-watching and junk food snacking.

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Don’t let monotony take the life out of your relationship! These date ideas will help you keep the fun – and the passion – alive.


What Makes These Good Date Ideas?

Before we get into the fun things to do on a date, let’s break down what makes a good date night. With your first date, the date should offer lots of room for conversation so you can get to know each other, but also some sort of distraction so you don’t have to babble away at each other all night.

After you’ve been dating for a while, your dates won’t be so much about getting to know each other. Instead, the dates should be about creating memories together. These memories are what will make your relationship grow stronger and solidify the bond.

So, while a movie and dinner might be okay (though cliché) for a first date, it isn’t really memorable enough to be a good date for established couples. You’ll probably just end up talking about work or other dribble all night. Instead, you should try to do things on your dates which will push your boundaries and comfort levels.   Now onto the ideas…


14 Fun Things to Do on a Date

1. Travel Somewhere You’ve Never Been

If you don’t already have a travel bug, maybe it is time to get started. Travel opens you up to all sorts of new experiences, from different languages, foods, attitudes on life, and cultural situations. Even the next town over can have its own unique charm.

Travel often means getting well outside your comfort zone, and this is where you will really start to get to know your boyfriend/girlfriend. A word of warning: you might not always like this! Like when your boyfriend has a hissy fit about getting lost on some back road, and his bad mood is distracting you from enjoying the stunning view. But, if you two have the same outlook and attitude about life, travel will mean adventures to share and a LOT of date travel

Depending on where you live, consider any of these travel date ideas:

  • Hopping on China Town bus to NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, or DC
  • Going to a National Park in your area
  • Visiting the tourist spots in the next city over
  • Finding a cheap flight and going somewhere for a long weekend


2. Laugh a Lot!

When you laugh, it sends a surge of endorphins throughout your body and triggers the release of “happy” hormones like dopamine. This is why laughter has been linked to all sorts of health benefits, from improved immunity to better heart health. Well, it also turns out that laughter is good for your sex life too!

Dopamine is one of the hormones in our body which regulates libido. By laughing and increasing your dopamine levels, you’ll be getting a libido boost. For women, the same part of the brain which is stimulated during sex is also stimulated by laughter. No wonder women think funny guys are so sexy.

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To get your date laughing, consider going to one of these places:

  • Comedy club
  • Laughter yoga session
  • Cabaret
  • Arcade
  • Bumper cars or go karts
  • Circus
  • Funny movie


3. Go to a Sport Event

You might not think that a sporting event is the most romantic date idea. However, rooting for the same team can be a lot of fun and bring couples together. Even rooting for the opposite team can be fun as it gives you some harmless rivalry. There is always a lot of energy at a sporting game, and it can be really contagious – you might even find that some of the energy makes it home into the bedroom!

Be warned though that not every girl is going to enjoy a date at a sporting event, so make sure you know the girl well before you buy box seat tickets. Also, not all sporting events are necessarily good choices for a date. Baseball is a good choice because the crowd tends to be mellow and friendly, and there is plenty of time to chat between plays. Football is a bit rowdier, so you definitely wouldn’t want to take a girl to a football game until you’ve been dating for a good while. NASCAR might be downright boring for some dates, and a bit too hillbilly-ish to qualify as a good date option.

Tip: Make sure you figure out logistics like parking before heading to the stadium! It can ruin the date if you have to spend hours looking for a parking spot and then walk 3 miles to the venue.

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4. Play a Sport

Instead of going to watch a sport event, why not play a sport instead? Having common interests and hobbies brings couples together. If you choose to play in a league, you will also meet lots of interesting new people and will soon have common friends (as opposed to feeling like a third wheel when hanging out with her friends).

Even if your date doesn’t seem like the sporty type, there are still lots of low-key sports which you can play together. Consider some of these:

  • Golf or mini-golf
  • Frisbee golf
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Biking
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Canoeing or kayaking
  • Tennis

5. Dance Classes

With all that moving and grinding you’ll do up against each other, you can think of dance classes as a really fun form of foreplay. Dance classes aren’t a good date idea for everyone because some people get frustrated when they don’t pick up the steps (frustration is not sexy!), and some people are too shy. But, if you two are the types who can let loose and have fun, dance classes are a great date idea.

Dance classes are also really good for boosting your confidence, which in turn strengthens your relationship. After a few classes, you’ll also be able to put on a spectacular show together when you go out to clubs.Latin dances are particularly good for couples, but ballroom and swing classes are also good date ideas.



6. Fruit Picking

If you want a date idea which is both fun and romantic, then take your date fruit or vegetable picking at a local orchard. The date is casual, the fresh air and scenery will have you two relaxed, and you can bond while working together as a team to pick the best fruits and veggies straight.   Take your pickings home and cook a delicious dinner together to eat over candlelight.

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7. Host a BBQ or Dinner Party

Having common friends is really important to a successful relationship. After a few dates, it will be time to meet each other’s friends. A great low-stress way to do this is to host a BBQ or dinner party. You two will have a lot of fun playing host together, and you will get some good insight into his/her spouse material (does he just sit and drink beer with his buddies or is he helping set the table and manning the grill?). If you don’t have a good BBQ spot, then consider a dinner party or potluck dinner instead.


8. Go to a Psychic

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for couples to have unique memories that they share. These are the memories that will come to mind when you think of that person. When a relationship is on the rocks, these unique memories are also what can tip the scales back in your favor so you dwell on the positive instead of the negative and decide to give things another go. So, don’t be afraid to do some downright wacky things on your dates – like going to a psychic. Good psychics tell you what you want to hear, so the two of you will enjoy hearing all sorts of great things about your future together.


9. Board Game Night

While it is nice to have some big dates for creating grand memories, the little things also matter. So, turn off the TV and bust out the board games for a showdown in Scrabble, chess, or Trivia Pursuit. A bit of friendly competition is good for couples and the quiet time alone together will help you bond.


10. Volunteer Together

When we do something altruistic and give back to our communities, it creates a positive feeling and also helps us to appreciate everything we have in life. Wouldn’t you love to share these positive feels with your special someone? By volunteering together, you will bond over the cause and also have an opportunity to meet new people and step outside your normal comfort zones.   This can really strengthen a relationship! Here are some ideas for couple volunteer opportunities:

  • Soup kitchen
  • Political campaign
  • Handing out condoms for HIV prevention
  • Help at an animal shelter
  • Assisting adults with disabilities
  • Mentoring youth
  • Helping homeless learn job skills
  • Providing childcare
  • Build houses
  • Work in a community garden
  • Disaster relief
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Reading to the blind or terminally ill

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11. Visit a Sex Shop

One problem that couples face after they’ve been dating for a while is that their sex life starts getting boring. You can solve this problem by visiting a sex shop together. If your girlfriend (or boyfriend) is a bit shy, you might start by shopping online for a new toy. Choose something simple and unthreatening, like heated lube, vibrating condoms, or sexy lingerie. Then, when you get more comfortable with the world of sex toys, you can start visiting sex stores in person and trying things like naughty costumes, handcuffs, and vibrators.


12. Go to a Couple’s Spa

A good relationship will have the right blend of down time, adventure, and luxury. One great way to get some luxury into your relationship is to visit a spa together. Some spas offer couple services, like couple massages or mud baths. Any stress that you have will melt away. When you think of your relationship, this memory of luxury and relaxation will come to mind!


13. Go Geo Caching

This idea is on our list of first date ideas, but it is also a fun date idea for established couples. Geo Caching is an adult scavenger hunt game where you go online to get geo coordinates for “caches” which have been hidden throughout the world. The caches are often hidden in cool places that you might not have visited otherwise, so it gives you and your loved one a reason to see new places in a fun, adventurous way.  You can also have fun hiding your own geo caches too!


14. Get Dressed Up and Do Something Classy

First date attire is usually something attractive but low-key. As we continue dating, we usually migrate to jeans and t-shirts. It is good to break away from this occasionally by going to some dress-up affair, such as the opera, theatre, classical music concert, or a fancy dinner.   You two will feel like royalty walking arm in arm down the strip and sitting in plush seats while pointing out all of the city’s movers and shakers

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