The Funny Guy: 6 Tips For Making Women Laugh

How to make a woman laugh

Women love guys who can make them laugh. This is an age-old fact. Think of guys like Ryan Reynolds, Paul Rudd and more. If you can make her laugh, you're on the way to winning her heart. Now, we understand that you may not be a natural comedian. No worries, though. We're always here to help. If you want to win her heart through humor, we've got six tips for making women laugh. Check them out below:

1. Figure out her sense of humor.

The first step to making a woman laugh is to figure out her sense of humor. Does she appreciate some wry sarcasm? Does she laugh out loud from over-the-top slapstick comedy? Try to find out what comedians she likes or what her favorite comedy films are. This will give you an idea of what she finds funny and you'll know how to precede from there.

2. Change things up.

If you really want to keep her laughing, you'll need to change things up. Don't always joke about the same things or it will just get old and boring. If you're constantly joking about the same topic, she'll just get tired of talking to you. Show that you can be quick-witted and turn lots of things into something comical.

3. Know your timing.

One of the most important aspects of making women laugh is to know your timing. You can't joke all the time. If every conversation is a comedy routine, she'll think you can never have a real conversation. You need to be able to balance making her laugh with showing her your serious side.

4. Don't laugh at your own jokes.

This one just goes without saying…but we'll say it anyways: Don't laugh at your own jokes. Laughing at your own jokes instantly negates how funny they are and makes you look full of yourself.

5. Avoid being offensive.

This is a very important tip, especially in our modern societal climate. You need to know how to joke without being offensive to her or other people. This means no jokes about race, disability or sexuality. If you have trouble making jokes that aren't about those things, well, comedy may not be your strong suit.

6. Give your material a test run.

If you're unsure of your comedic skills, test them out on other people before using them to flirt with women. See if you can make your friends laugh. Test out some jokes on family members and see how they respond. If no one is laughing at your material, you have some work to do before you try it out with women.

Making women laugh

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