Gaining An Understanding Of How To Make A Woman Kiss You

There are many reasons to think about how to make a woman kiss you. Be it your first kiss and you would like to analyze different options or maybe you like this girl and you are nervous. This analysis is possible if you are able to assess the situation psychologically.

Observation of a woman’s body language can tell you a lot about her. It is said that the eyes are the soul of the body. You can tell if she likes you just by looking into her eyes. Touch is another sign that indicates the woman is interested in you. Some other hints might include her way of communication. Is she asking you questions on a personal level and so on. All these are subtle signs that a woman is interested in you.

Now, once you are sure that she is interested in you, you can get to the part of ‘how to make a woman kiss you’.

For any couple, the chemistry between them is important. It is the attraction towards each other which is the thin line between friendship and dating relationship. The chemistry might not be evident in the initial dates but can be seen if the bonding and affection are striking between the couple. Sometimes, communicating openly about where your relationship is going can also help to open the doors of kissing. Spending time alone is considered most effective of all as this time tells both of you about each other a lot. Going for a trip or a restaurant where you get to know each other rather than movies might be a good idea.

All the above recommendations work for proper bonding and attachment for the couple which leads to the next step of how to make a woman kiss you.

Look for the right moment

The most important thing to keep in mind while trying or giving a signal for kiss is to choose the right timing. It is always a good idea to check surroundings before taking the necessary steps. Make sure that you are alone and secluded as this is a very private moment and you don’t want any unnecessary attention. Usually women do not prefer a populated area for such intimate moments and hence right place is also important. Coming to the right timing, you can’t just kiss during a very serious discussion. It leaves a very bad impression on you. This calls for the choice of right moment.

Body language plays an important role in moments like these. Understanding the behavior of your partner and at the same time being mindful of your own body language has a huge impact on the first impression. Effective eye contact is the initiator. You have to imply that you are ready to kiss using the body language.

Physical touch

Establishing a physical touch is the next important step towards kissing. Without initiating physical touch kiss would look awkward and uncomfortable to both. Once you have broken the barrier of physical touch, you can see if she is ready to kiss by touching her face. This will give her the necessary signal to imply that you are about to kiss and if she is fine with it you will know. If she not ready she might hint you by stopping and hence making it clear that she is not ready to take the big step. Either way you will know what is on her mind.

Moving forward to the exact part of kissing, there are a few things to know about how to kiss which makes a long lasting impression. If it is the first kiss for you both, then it takes a little more effort to not be sloppy or rushing. Once kissed, look for her reaction whether she is smiling or unresponsive.

In addition to the above suggestions, there a many number of answers for the question how to make a woman kiss you.

The other known aspects:

This question can be perceived in many different ways. For example, all the above suggestions imply towards actual kissing routines where you have to choose the right time, right moment and right girl for that matter. But what makes a woman want to kiss you and like you. For the situation of kissing to arise, a woman has to like your personality and it takes time and patience. This works for both men and women. A man doesn’t go around kissing even though he doesn’t like her. So, for the kiss to happen two people should like each other and for two people to like each other they have to know each other enough. For people who have been friends from a long time this shouldn’t be a problem as they already know each other well. The only deciding factor in such relationships is that they have to be attracted to each other. The same plays an important role in dating as well. Without attraction and good chemistry, there is no base for a long term relationship.

Relationships and the elements involved in it are easier said than done. Most of the people have unrealistic expectations set by the movie standards which do not happen in real life. For example, when it is said that the chemistry should be good between two people, it naturally happens in movies with the lead heroine, but in real life that is difficult to happen. We have to meet few wrong people before meeting the right person.

Coming to the expectations part, few movies give a standard of the ideal boyfriends or ideal girlfriends who are perfect but are not practical. We humans are not ideal and the situations are practical. To proceed in a relationship, one should keep all these things in mind. If not, both of them might get disappointed and lose confidence in relationships which will have a huge impact for a very long time and might even affect commitment issues. The kiss in a relationship should be considered as an act of love rather than pleasure which can automatically improve the entire relationship.

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