Gaining Charisma: 5 Conversation Techniques That Will Attract People To You


Have you gone on date after date and had no luck in your love life? Are you wondering where you're going wrong? It may be that you're pushing people away with your conversation skills. Many of us have a hard time communicating in a healthy way and it comes through when we first meet people. Our poor conversation skills end up turning people off and before we know it, we've been single for years. Is there any way to improve your conversation skills? Lucky for all of us, there is! Check out these five conversation techniques that will make you ten times more attractive:

1. Listen

The most important of all conversation techniques is to listen. You cannot have a good conversation without being an active listener. Too many people talk and talk and talk but never really listen. Show the other person that you're hearing them by asking questions about what they're saying.

2. Don't Try Too Hard

Never try too hard when you're talking to someone. It will come through in everything you say and all of your mannerisms. You should just relax and be yourself when talking with someone. This will let them see your personality shine through in the conversation.

3. Be Positive

No one likes a negative person. In any conversation, keep complaining and critiquing to a minimum, or non-existent. Instead, be positive in what you say. Talk about things you like and compliment things that you think highly of. This will show the person you're speaking to that you are a positive, uplifting person.

4. Don't Gossip

Gossiping is one of the most unattractive things you can do. All it does is show the person you're talking to that you are petty and cannot be trusted. It's just an inconsiderate act that should be avoided in all conversations.

5. Make Eye Contact

One of the most crucial conversation techniques is making eye contact. Avoiding eye contact when you are talking to someone is incredibly off-putting and shows several bad things. It creates the idea that you're insecure or that you're not trustworthy. It makes it almost impossible to make a real connection with someone. For this reason, make sure you maintain eye contact when you are talking to someone.

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