What To Get?: 4 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For A New Partner

Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines Day is right around the corner so it's time to start looking for the perfect Valentines gift! Gift-giving is tricky in any relationship, but it's especially tricky if you're in a relatively new relationship. If the relationship has just started, you don't want to get your new partner something too personal. It could be seen as coming on too strong. You also don't want to get them something too expensive, like a nice piece of jewelry. This could intimidate them so early on in the relationship. To help you out, we've got four Valentines Day gift ideas for a new partner”

1. Something Cute and Quirky

Cute, quirky gifts are always a great idea for a new partner. Something cute and funny shows your personality and will likely put a smile on your new partner's face. It can be a quirky piece of home décor or a funny t-shirt. These gifts are okay in a new relationship because they aren't terribly personal or too expensive.

2. A Book, Game, Some Kind of Activity

A great Valentines Day gift idea can be a good book, a board game or some kind of activity the two of you can do together. Maybe you can give them a book that you really liked or recommended to them. You can get a game to play together and then turn it into a date. These are totally reasonable gifts for a new partner because they aren't personal or expensive. At the same time, they show that you put some effort in and that you want to spend more time with your new partner.

3. Gift Cards

Gift cards make perfectly fine Valentines Day gift ideas when you're in a new relationship. Now, we would never recommend giving a gift card to someone you've been with for a while. When you know someone very well, a gift card can come off as careless. With that said, it's okay to get a new partner a gift card. You can make it a little more personal by making sure it's for a store they'll like. A new partner understands that you still don't know them very well, and they'll appreciate the fact that you put some effort in.

4. The “Standards”

The standards are always good Valentines Day gift ideas. This includes flowers and chocolates. You can't really go wrong with these. They're Valentines Day staples and most people are glad to receive them. They are perfect for a new partner because they're not too personal or expensive, but they still show that you care and put the effort in.

Valentines Gifts

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