Get A Girl To Love You – Mystery Unlocked With Tips Which Need To Be Followed

Flirting is an art in itself, not everyone has mastered it. But, with proper knowledge and good pick-up lines, things get easier. However, there is no good pick up line, pick up lines do not come out from a loyal mouth. Let’s get back to the topic of flirting. There are many people who wonder why do the stud type people have all the privileges? Well, that’s because they are smart and know how to flirt. A person can master this art and get a girl to love you with easy to follow steps, some of them are mentioned below-

Maintain a good smile when you see her-

Lighting up your face slowly can add more romance to the eye contact. If in case you don’t know the girl or you do, both ways smiling while you see her can be considered as a good opening up tactic. But, before you smile brightly, remember that the girl is looking at you while you are doing it. Don’t make her uncomfortable by smiling again if she moves her face away from you.

Don’t get lost in the crowd-

If you are a party animal but, still have no girls in the bucket, the best way is to stick for one girl and make proper contact with her. Experts say that a person should not vanish in the crowd if he is looking for a girl. Make regular eye contacts and smile, make sure you are not always present but, don’t get away from the place too. Out of sight is out of mind.

Be confident in meeting her and a trick to remember her name-

If you met her for the first time, introduce yourself to her,”Hi!” I am (your name) and you are? This can be a decent opening line rather than cracking pick up lines. To remember the name you can repeat her name while talking to her. This will help you in remembering her name. Keep it short in simple for the first time. Don’t be too much available.

Keeping away and still getting close-

Those who do not know how to flirt with girls, this point can prove to be fruitful. The best way to flirt with a girl is to keep yourself in front of her but, to an extent where only you can decide when she gets to see you. If you find positive results, you can talk to her about different girls and things related to dating where she can assume that she stands no chance. The other step involves the reciprocal of the first step. Now, suddenly give her all the attention she deserves, shocked by the results and the change, she will be happy to date you.

The modus operandi of the trick is to keep you as the hard fish to get a girl and not someone who can be easily considered as a dating option. Be the tough choice.

Maintaining close contact-

If you are willing to maintain a close contact with your girl, you first need to know whether she is into it or not. For this, you can make use of unintentional contact over the body of the girl, (which are intentional) will help you in knowing if she likes it when you touch her or not. Keeping the hands over the thighs while getting up can be safest method of checking that out. If in case she gets angry for it, you can always apologize without any hindrance and it saves your friendship with the girl.

Get even close with other methods

Ask her out for a dance, if she is close enough to you and you both can feel it, only then land your lips over hers. But, wait for the right time and ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Close contact and good questions can light up the spark which is required. These are some of the basics of casual dating rules.

Now, let’s flip the equation! What are the essentials while you are chatting with your crush online?-

Good sense of humor is always appreciated-

Having a good sense of humor will make you feel better with the girl. She will like it too but, remember never, ever joke about her weight or things that she does not like. If you want to get a girl to love you, grow some good jokes in your head. If you are talking about the environment, don’t say anything which is against the topic. It can be a great turn off for girls and women.

Don’t just talk about yourself-

Keep asking her about how her day was and how is she planning to spend the weekend and other things like her latest meal etc. There is nothing better than keeping the conversation alive by just hearing. Women and girls are always eager to get heard. Once, you have the faith generated in them for you; get ready for different talks which can help in bonding well. This way you can get a girl to love you more if you just listen to her.

Use a different name-

Using her name can sound boring after a while. Ask her if you can call her sweetheart or honey? These words when whispered in a low tone near the girl will make her fall for you. This helps and even on chats she can recall how you have been calling her that. If you really want to get a girl to love you, this can be it. The idea behind using a different name is for making the girl comfortable and allowing her to smile while you call her with the new name.

Reciprocate if she is humble-

If your girl is humble and down to earth, you probably will remain as the happiest man on earth but, if she is not humble, you can try to impress her with your humble nature. Remain calm and make a difference with your approach towards things. If she likes it, you gained 10 points in the flirting bucket! So, from today, no more wasting time on thinking how to get a girlfriend, get one for yourself today!

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