How To Get Back Affection In Your Relationship If It’s Lost

For most people, affection is what makes a relationship a relationship. If you’re longing for affection in your relationship or marriage right now and want to be kissed, hugged, or just want to hear the words, “I love you,” then you are not alone. Hundreds and thousands of couples are longing to be desired and cherished. If you are upset and frustrated because your relationship lacks affection, you will yourself unimportant, lonely, ignored and unloved.

If you are at this phase in your relationship, then read on to find out what works and what doesn’t in a relationship devoid of affection:

Don’t Bring It Up
Don’t talk about the lack of affection in your relationship, not even occasionally with boyfriend or girlfriend. Talking about it will not get your partner to change. Ask or begging feels terrible, even if your man or woman eventually tries to give it to you. This might or feel good to you at the moment, but the main thing is that it never works in the long-term. So our advice is: don't do it! It is okay for you to be cherished and desired if you realize that there is a lack of affection, but asking, begging or even joking about affection feels horrible.

By ordering affection, your significant another will, in fact, be reluctant to be affectionate with you. And when that happens, it’s really painful. It will not only harm you emotionally and physically, but it will also make your partner run far away from you. Rather than telling them what to do or not being able to control their habits or behavior, develop a habit of showing them love and appreciation, and make them happy in different ways by gestures, gifts, respect, and so on and so forth.

Avoid The Affection Trap And Lack Of Physical Intimacy
Some couples feel frustrated because they aren’t having sex as much as they did before. Some couples have already accepted or became habituated with sexless relationships. Couples who are facing this issue tell that their partners are never in the mood and turn it down after they initiate it. They get frustrated and discouraged about it and no longer bother to make an effort. Meanwhile, the other person complains that they don’t like getting physically intimate with their lovers because they ignore them all day and fed up with the lack of affection. The thing one partner wants sex and isn’t getting it, so they stop being affectionate, while the other party doesn't want to have because they want affection. If you want to get rid of this vicious circle, one or both need to give first.

Focus On What You Can Control
When you’re in a relationship, you can never control someone the way you want to. In fact, controlling behavior in a romantic relationship will lead it to distance, resistance, and break up. But, there is something that you can control; you and your happiness. Focus on being fun, happy, easygoing, and the flirting, love and affection will flow naturally. Most men or women admit they have not been affectionate towards their significant others because they feel unhappy and stressed. By focusing more on your happiness and self-care, you will be more attractive and can give them the affection that they need.

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