Get Better At Receiving Love Because Giving Is Very Easy!

Giving love is easy, but receiving love is much more challenging for most people. It’s so much easy to buy a gift or plan a fancy date night with your girlfriend, but receiving a genuine and heartfelt compliment? That’s a whole different story. So, why is it that receiving love is harder than giving it? Why receiving love is challenging for many men and women? For most folks, receiving love is more complicated than giving it, because it conflicts with their ego’s sense of unworthiness.

Here's how you can receive love and feel more comfortable with it.

Ask For Reassurance
A moment will come when someone falls in love with you, a sense of nervousness and fear will grip you. This is completely normal. When this happens to you, ensure that you express your thoughts and feelings to the other person who has fallen in love with you. Let her or him know the thoughts that your mind is trying to convince you of, and ask for the reassurance that you need. For example, considering saying something like, “I don’t think I deserve this gift from you now, but it will be good for me if you tell what it is that you find great about me, and why you feel secure and comfortable in giving this beautiful and thoughtful gift to me?” We suggest that you don’t hesitate or stop asking them whatever you need to hear.

Believe That You Are Worthy Of It
If you think that your ego is undermining your positive thoughts, and always giving you suggestions of how unworthy or undeserving you’re of receiving as well as giving love, try to break this circle by developing a habit of pausing. Just pause. Take a deep breath. Now, ask your ego to take a hike. Do this while you breathe in a profound sense of worthiness so that you can learn how to receive love. Just like it’s hard to change people, changing a person’s ego is even more difficult. It’s true that your ego is highly adept at convincing us how unworthy or undeserving of love you’re as a person, but that doesn’t mean that you should give in to your ego’s demands.

Overcome Your Fears
We all are pretty familiar how our deep, inner fears are preventing us from finding true love and emotionally connecting with the person we are in love with. So, when looking for relationships, it’s imperative that we overcome our fears.

There are two proven strategies for helping men and women searching for relationships to overcome their fears. The first one called progressive desensitization, while the second approach is called flooding. Progressive desensitization means taking small steps in achieving your goals and continue doing so until you feel better. For instance, if someone if afraid of cockroaches, then showing him or her a picture of the insect from across a room, and then heading towards it, will make them more comfortable with each small step. Now, the second strategy which is flooding is introducing a fearful individual to a significant amount of the thing that they're scared off or fear, all at a time.

So, if you’re looking for a date, and heal your fear of receiving love, these two strategies will consistently give good results.

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