How To Get Over Your Ex After Breaking Up, So You Don’t Go Back To Her

Anyone who has been in a relationship is familiar with this. You have ended the relationship with your partner but can’t move on from the painful experience. The whole world tells us to move on, but there is something that is making us stay. We keep yearning for our former lovers, and this has made our lives difficult and unhappy. Moving on after a break up is easier said than done.

If the relationship is new or if you and your girlfriend are still sexually attracted to each other, it’s safe to say that what the two of you are experiencing is an addiction. During that stage, our bodies are filled with natural chemicals that are most often mistaken for love. In fact what we are feeling is lust or infatuation. It can cloud our ability to make better judgments and will compel us to make decisions that might become disastrous later in the relationship. If you see that you don’t have that extreme passion for your partner which you had during the early days of dating, but you still feel stuck, you will have to look deeper within yourself and get rid of the ties that are binding you. Why? Because it will help you to get over your ex and find new love again.

All of us carry unresolved experiences from the past. They have manifested deep within ourselves and defined who we are as individuals. These unresolved experiences could range from past relationships to early family life. If we don’t address these old hurts or ignore them, we might continue to have unhealthy patterns in our lives that won’t do us any good. You might believe that you have moved on from your ex-girlfriend who broke up or left you without any good reasons, but your body didn’t forget it. It’s still there somewhere. It’s just that you can’t find it. It’s important for you to get over your ex as this will prevent you to return to her, and move on with your life.

So, how can you get your ex and move on? First, consider taking a break from dating. We suggest that you avoid dating for at least a month. During this time take steps in rebuilding your confidence by getting involved in physical activities such as sports. Take care of yourself, treat yourself with gifts, take a vacation, do something that you always wanted to do, and so on.

The second thing you can do is get rid of the anger. It’s okay for you and your partner to feel angry and resentful. But, the things both of you have made mistakes which have compelled both of you to end the relationship. So, calm down and let go of the anger. Now forgive each other. Forgiveness fosters humility, gratitude, and understanding between two people. Forgiveness will help you both of you to forget the differences among you which will help you to find new love again.

When we love someone deeply, we find ourselves obsessed with our former lovers after a breakup. This unhealthy and it will not help you to get over your ex and move on. So, to make things easy for you create a list of your ex’s faults, look at the list and ask yourself why things she did wrong and why she isn’t the right person for you. Now, try to forget them slowly and try to fall in love again.

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