Get Over Your Fear Of Commitment By Following These 4 Ways

Dating and relationships are all about commitment, and you are a “commitment-phobe” it will be extremely difficult for you to be in a healthy and happy relationship or marriage. Some people tell that men and women who are not willing commit should even be dating or be in relationships in the first place. Ouch! That’s really hurtful to say, the least, but there are some logical reasons behind it too. But, luckily there are four ways to become more committed in all of your romantic affairs.

These four ways if followed accordingly could assist you, your spouse or your friend to just commit to one person, place, or thing if something like this exists.  Here are four tested ways that can you’re your commitment phobia:

1. Focus on the depth 

Most people have the tendency to focus on novelty and looking for connections between things. Most tend to know about a lot of things, rather than knowing more about something. It makes them restless, bored and anxious. But if you decide to focus on one thing or one person, not only will you be able to consistent in establishing to one thing, you will also be able to connect with yourself more deeply. You will realize that getting to know just one person or one thing is more pleasurable, interesting and fascinating than getting to know many people or things at the same time.

2. Rejecting the alternatives

When you do concentrate on many things, you become overwhelmed and won’t be able to dedicate sufficient time to just one thing. You will begin to reject alternatives consciously and start to say “no” more. In these circumstances, everything you see appears to be perfect and attractive, but when you look closely, you start to see problems everywhere. So, what’s the solution here? The solution here is not to get involved in something that doesn’t have problems but to look out for issues that you love resolving. Therefore, be in a romantic relationship with someone with whom you won’t mind arguing or fighting with, choose a job or a career that you are willing to work extra hard or suffer for, and so on.

3. Get rid of instant gratification

We all love instant gratification. It feels good when we have our desires or needs met instantly when we want them. But, when you are looking for a committed relationship, your aim should be focused on long-term gratification, because to build true intimacy you need time, patience and persistence. It’s the core internal qualities like compassion, integrity, and honesty that build the foundation of a solid relationship or marriage. Stick to these core values and see for yourself how it will guide you to see beyond the external stimuli and make it easy for you to become committed in all of your relationships.

4. Don’t let your fears of missing out overcome you

When it comes to dating and relationships, most people fear that they will miss out on something great by committing to one thing. But, let’s face it, in this world; there always will be something or someone better than what you currently have. The crucial thing here is for you to realize that just because there happens to be someone better than what you currently have, doesn’t take away or add to value to another person.

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