Get A Girl to Like You With These Effective Pickup Lines

If you’re looking for a girlfriend, having some pickup lines to initiate a conversation with a girl comes in handy. But, you should know which pickup lines to tell as some sound great in a bar with your friends, while they might look awful when you say that to your date.

Here are four smartly simple ideas to help you keep you smooth with the ladies:

1. Are you Carrie Jones?
This pickup line is the oldest one in the book. Just pick any name, make a move, and simply ask her, “Are you…?” When she gives her reply, check whether she looks annoyed or did you interrupt her, or whether she’s open for more communication. The worst thing that can happen with this pickup line says no and turns away. And if you’re lucky she may point in your direction, and this will give you a chance to follow up like, ‘Sorry, but you look so much like her, or “You look a lot like the girl at my office”, etc. Anyways, make sure that she looks interested, and if not, just let her go and try it with someone else.

2. Hey, Some Nice Shoes You Got There!
One big problem with most pickup lines is that they’re too common and are clichés. So, if you’re really interested in someone else, find something that is special to her, and asks her about it. For example, most ladies love their shoes. You can also think about hair color, coat, jewelry or purse. Tell something nice about these items, and convey to her that you liked noticed certain things about her, and couldn’t resist to tell her about it.

3. What Kind Of Dog or Cat Is That?
Another great conversation starter while approaching women, besides complimenting their hair color, coat, jewelry, purse or shoes are pets. Pets are famous in bringing people together on dog walks and in parks, cafes, beaches all over the country. Everyone wants to talk about their furry little friends such as cats and dogs. But, the idea here is to extend it all sorts of props. For example, if you approach a woman reading a book, ask who her favorite writer is; if she’s listening to music, it’s a good chance to ask her what kind of music she likes to hear, etc. The key is by asking about something she’s doing right now.

4. Allow Me To Buy You A Drink
It’s not smart. It’s not a big thing. It’s simple and straightforward. Keep it polite, don’t be intimidating or demanding. Don’t be threatening. Prepare to take a “no” for an answer, and walk away. While telling this, keep in mind not to sound too desperate or cheesy. If you’re not in a bar or café, or in a place where drinks aren’t allowed or can be served, go for the classic conversation starter, by saying, “Hi there, my name is…” After all, it’s real and sounds genuine. It’s straight, and out in the real world, it’s more meaningful and effective than all those cheesy and fake and ‘not from the heart’ remarks.

If you’re looking for someone, or interested in someone, and you’ve decided to approach her, you can check out some of these pickup lines. It doesn’t matter, whatever you choose to say, just keep in mind one thing – keep it real.

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