How to Get Over Your Major Insecurities When Dating

When it comes to dating and relationships, insecurity is an intriguing personality trait.  Most say that feeling insecure or vulnerable is a major turn off for men and women looking for a relationship and that it will prevent anyone from being attracted to him/her or wanting to have to have a serious relationship with him/her. The truth is, if you’re insecure, psychologically fit men or women will have no desire to date you. Meanwhile, men or women, who are psychologically unhealthy, will be attracted and want to date you. In a nutshell, the feelings of insecurity have different consequences for different people.

But, how do relationships work out when you’re insecure? How can you embark on a relationship when you’re insecure? If you’re dating a woman, who is attracted or interested in you, but if you see that she has some major emotional insecurity, you don’t have to settle with her. Why? Because, she can see that you’re insecure and she also knows that your vulnerabilities mean that deep down, you’re to some degree, psychologically unhealthy. Men and women, who are attracted to people, whose insecurities are evident, are attracted or “turned on” based on unhealthy psychological stimulations.

So, why would a person date someone who has significant insecurities?

Well, if you happen to be someone, who is struggling with big emotional insecurities, you need to be cautious because the men and women who are attracted to you are in most cases attracted to you for the wrong reasons. They want to control you. They want to exert power on you. They want to save or protect you. These individuals are codependent. They want to date or have a relationship with someone, which is broken and has low self-esteem and confidence because they believe that a broken person is less likely to leave them.

So, how can you rid yourself from your insecurities?

Taking therapy is the best way to deal with your insecurities. Consider for either a few sessions or go in it a year or couple of years. You might assume that this annoying, unnecessary, or expensive, but it’s the best and most practical approach to ensure your chances of finding a relationship that works. And, if you’re having some financial issues and don’t want to go for therapy, many low-cost therapists will provide you a decent service. Another way to get rid of insecurities is read more about insecurities and how to get rid of them. You can search online for relationship advice, or scour a local bookstore and look for books or magazines that have relationship advice. If you make some effort to educate yourself about emotional insecurities, what are their sources, and how to recover from them, you’ll see that your self-esteem and confidence will be boosted.

Self-care is the best care

Finding an ideal relationship isn’t rocket science. Preserve your self-esteem and your emotions by only keeping people, who are close to you, cares about you, makes you feel wanted and good about yourself. Take good care of yourself and if you’re feeling lost, upset or frustrated, write about in a journal. Call your friends or family for support and listen to their advice.

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