How To Get Your Power After Your Girlfriend Cheats On You

Let’s face it, like breakups; infidelity is incredibly painful. The pain from infidelity manifests like a weed. If you don't address it and allow it to grow, it will consume you. It will continue to spread its roots deep within your mind and heart, engulf you and make you incapable of falling in love again. It will make you think all men or women are like that and will treat you this way. You will have thoughts telling you that it’s your fault that your girlfriend or boyfriend cheated on you. And what’s worse is that the more you have these thoughts and feelings, the more it will lead you to a darker place.

So, how can you get out of this rut, regain yourself, and find love again? Sure, it will take some time, and you’ll need some time to mourn before you can move on. But, you can allow your mourning kill your future to find new love. You’ll also have to reassure yourself that, when it comes to infidelity, none of it was your fault. If your girlfriend cheated on you, she’ll try to shift the blame on you and will remain adamant that it’s because of your fault that compelled her to be unfaithful in the first place. Once you realize this, surviving infidelity and healing will become much easier for you.

Here the four rules that will show how to be happy after being cheated on:

  1. Don't believe everything you hear.

Don’t pay any heed to the voices in your head that are always telling you if you’ve been more attentive to your partner; she wouldn’t have cheated on you. This is simply the voice telling you it was your fault that your girlfriend wasn’t loyal to you. It wasn’t and was never your fault. You didn’t push her to commit infidelity.  She did that by herself. Your problems are yours only.

  1. Distance yourself from the problem

Just because you’re distancing from the issue, doesn’t always mean that you’re avoiding or ignoring it. If you find yourself thinking about the signs that you should have noticed of your partner cheating on you and act on it immediately, then stop thinking about it. Don’t dwell on the past. Instead, reflect on the signs for a moment and learn from it. So, the next time, something like this happen, you can take necessary actions.

  1. Just let yourself go, and it’s fine

When you’re dealing with infidelity, you’ve to recall what it was like being single. Remind yourself you’re still as adventurous, fun, and attractive as the first time you both met. One of the biggest reasons most men and women cheat is because they want to feel and relive the excitement that they experienced during the “honeymoon” phase of a new relationship. So, if you let yourself free and attempt to regain that spark again, you’ll find happiness.

  1. Take a break

While coping with infidelity and in the process of regaining yourself, you’ll see yourself on an emotional roller coaster getting confused which ride you’re hoping to go on next. Sometimes, you won’t have all the answers to your questions and don’t beat yourself up for it. Just let things as they, allow them to settle and don’t make excuses. Keep in mind, healing from cheating can take several months or even years and that is okay.

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