How To Get Someone To Reciprocate Your Love?

Is there anything worse than loving someone and not getting the same response in return? Falling in love and being loved are the feelings which can neither be controlled nor dictated.

But, do you want someone to return your love? The only thing that you can do when someone doesn’t reciprocate your love is either to move forward or to show them that side of yours with which they are unfamiliar as yet.

Love just happens. There is no way that you can switch off the feeling. If you fall in love and feel that there does exist a chemistry between you two, then follow the following ways to peak their interest:

Finding connections

When you two are together, try to make out special connections and relate these connections to their world. Soon, they will start enjoying having you around more than they have thought about it.

Try to change your outlook

Your appearance counts a lot when it comes to feelings, attraction and long-term relationships. If lately, you have not been putting any efforts to look good then it is the time for a quick makeover. Update your look. Consult a hairdresser to transform you from average to just remarkable. Plan a workout to tone up your body to show a healthier and fresh look to him/her.

Better yourself

It is not only your appearance that matters; your inner self is equally important. Dig deep into your personality and find something that attracts the person you love. They might be looking for the qualities like honesty, generosity, politeness, kindness, etc. If you are low on these qualities, then you need to pay special attention to make an improvement in these areas.

Finding someone else

Nothing in the world is more attractive than being unattainable.  It is human nature that they want what they can’t have. By doing so, it will make them wonder that why you did not respond at the very first place. Moreover, they will be worried when their phone stops blowing up with your phone calls.

Take up a role of a friend

Be friends with them at the first place and figure out what they want from the relationship. After getting a clear idea, you may put in efforts to earn their love.

Try pulling yourself away from them

The thing we cannot have becomes our greatest desire. Show them that you can live without them by creating space between you two.  Step forward and move on. This will make them think twice that what place you hold in their lives and that nobody can replace your presence.

Do not make assumptions

One of the most important points is to stop making assumptions. If you have never confronted and have been honest about your feelings then basically you have never given them the opportunity to express what they feel about you. Therefore, stop assuming that they do not love you. You never know, the moment you express your feelings they confess about their own which they might not have conveyed because they were too insecure to say.

Nothing can be more painful than not being loved in response. You can have it in two ways. Either wait and wish that your love will be returned one day or step ahead to move on in the quest of changing their minds.

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