Get What You Want Without Any Nagging

Are you someone who nags your boyfriend that he didn’t do the dishes or always keeps his bed messy? Always nagging can cause your partner to feel judged and take a defensive mode. It will not only make you resent each other, but it will also leave you both feeling angry and irritated. We only nag people whom we love and care about, but the harsh truth about nagging is that it doesn’t work. So, leave the nagging behind and learn how to get what you want by communicating with your partner the right way.

Don’t Insist On A Routine
When you nag your partner about something that must be done today, like the vacuuming the house today, you’re clearly setting yourself up to succeed or fail on a deadline. The closer the deadline gets, the more anxious you started to feel, which will induce you to nag your partner again in the hope of getting the job done. Pause for a moment, and ask yourself if the task really needs to be done within the prescribed timeline, and does really matter to you, if the vacuuming the house doesn’t get done that day or even the next day.

Is The Source Of Your Nagging A Concern For You Or Your Partner?
What’s the point of nagging your boyfriend to prepare the bed is the task only annoys you and not the other person. If your partner has no interest in a messy or a nicely done bed, there isn’t any logic in wasting energy and creating tension and frustration in the relationship. If a messy bed bothers you that much why don’t you spend a few minutes of your time to make your own bed and make yourself happy, rather than nagging your partner and making him angry?

Don’t Assign The Same Task To Your Partner
One way to nag your partner is consistently appointing him or her the same task. For instance, rather than telling your significant other again and again to take out the trash, ask only once. If you don’t get any feedback or response, suggest the task by leaving an empty trash bag in a fixed place without assigning it again.

Are You Asking For The Unthinkable?
We all are familiar with the sayings that if you want something done right, do it by yourself. If you nag your partner to take out the trash every morning or censure him for the mismatched outfit he chose for your friend’s wedding, he isn’t going to do what you told him to do if you remind him to do it the next time. Be apprehensive of what you’re nagging your partner about. Make sure to communicate what rightfully needs to be done by stating what is it that you want, so that the other person feels encouraged to do it.

When you’re dating someone, or have been in a relationship for a while, you must know very well that nagging is inevitable. But, also remember that nagging accomplishes nothing in the long term, and can harm the stability of your romantic relationship. The more you nag, the lesser your partner will be responsive to the requests you make in the future.

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