Getting Divorced? Can You Afford It?

“I want to get divorced, but can I afford it?”—it’s a question that’s becoming more apparent than ever before as we are passing through tough economic times. Some think of divorce as the way for self-empowerment and independence, but no one can’t ignore the hard consequences that come with it. When you get divorced, your overall income doesn’t increase, but your expenses surely do.

So, your finances are in bad shape—your spending has risen, your savings are down, you can’t pay your mortgage, you credit cards debts are overdue, and you are looking for a good job and so on. And you think that a divorce will make things better, well think again. You can’t afford to get divorced. If you can hardly afford to pay one household, how do you expect to provide for two? Your financial problems will increase during the divorce proceeding and afterward. A divorce won’t solve your financial woes; it will make it even worse.

If you have kids, then you will require rooms and furniture for two houses. As a couple, you have to pay rent for two homes, two phones bills and don’t forget about air conditioning and heating bills. Also, you will have to pay for insurance bills for two cards, two grocery bills and cable bills too. In short, your expenses have increased twice, but your income remained the same.

If your spouse isn’t working or doesn’t have sufficient income, and have children, then you will be required to pay for alimony and child support. However, even if your ex-spouse-to-be, doesn’t have any money for child support, he or she will still have to pay for it. But, if both spouses are in financial hardship, then it’s very likely you don’t have to pay alimony. In today’s economy, money is tight, and no judge or lawyer can force you to pay for alimony. It’s a harsh world, and a divorce will make you struggle even more from finances to taking care of your kids.

However, there are circumstances when personal finances and parenting takes a back seat when deciding to get a divorce. If you are physical, mentally and emotionally being abused in a relationship, then getting a divorce becomes inevitable. It’s better to be financial poor than being miserable in physically and spiritually.

It doesn’t matter what you decide to do, but it’s necessary to keep in mind that a divorce won’t end your struggles; it will only create new ones. The main reasons why marriages don’t last are; mutual conflicts or misunderstandings, cheating or infidelity, communication issues, physical, mental, emotional and psychological abuse and financial problems. If anyone or more exists in your relationship, try working on these diligently, or fix them, or take help from a marriage counselor or therapist, instead of rushing for a divorce. Make trust and transparency in your marriage your top priority. Being accountable and trustworthy to each other is what makes love and affection in a relationship grow and makes it stronger over time. Hardly any relationships and marriages will last unless spouses don’t trust each other and lack commitment.

Investing your time and energy, and making a real commitment and dedication to finding a way to make your marriage last will put in a much better situation that a divorce.

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