Getting It Right: 5 Compliments Women Love Getting

Talking to a woman can be a little tricky sometimes. You should always be respectful and while you may think it is nice to give her a compliment, there are some compliments that actually offensive. (I.e. “You're not like other girls!” “You've lost so much weight!” etc.) If you want to truly compliment her, you want to tell her something meaningful that will actually make her feel good. To help you understand what a good compliment is, check out these five compliments women love getting:

1. “You always make me laugh.”

This is a great compliment because it has nothing to do with a woman's physical appearance and who doesn't love to be funny? This lets her know that you appreciate her sense of humor and you are valuing something other than her looks.

2. “I always learn something new from you.”

This is an excellent compliment because it acknowledges her intelligence. Maybe the girl you're talking to has knowledge about a wide variety of topics and you really do learn something new every time you talk to her. Let her know this! It will show her that she has important information to share and that you really listen to what she has to say.

3. “I really have fun with you.”

It is important to let a woman know that you enjoy spending time with her and that it's not just about your physical attraction to her. Let her know that you actually have fun when you hang out with her and that you enjoy your time together.

4. “You're really good at *insert hobby/job/skill.”

One of the biggest compliments women love is being told that they are good at something they do. If she enjoys painting, let her know how good her artwork is. If she works as a nurse, let her know how caring and compassionate she is. If she is going to culinary school, compliment her cooking. It is important to let her know that she is good at what she does.

5. “You're really kind to everyone.”

Kindness is an important trait. If the woman you're talking to is always kind and compassionate, and this is something that you admire in her, let her know. Complimenting traits like this is so much better than complimenting her physical attributes. This lets her know that her character is good, rather than just her appearance.

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