Getting Married For These Reasons Is A Terrible Idea

Marriage is a beautiful thing that requires a lot of commitment. And just being committed isn’t enough; you need to maintain the commitment every day. Love is an intoxicating, beautiful thing, and when it’s done right, it can lead to strong, flourishing marriages. Though the thought of spending your whole with someone you love seems appealing for many reasons, rushing to tie the knot can create a whole new series of problems that sometimes love can’t just fix.  So, when is it not a good decision to get married?

Here are four situations in which it’s better for you to get married, or at least delay your marriage:

1. You are hoping marriage will fix all your problems
There are some delusional folks amongst us who seriously believe that getting married will somehow make all the problems in their relationship go away. But, that’s not how marriage works. Not only is this kind of thinking fundamentally problematic, but it is also counterintuitive and painful. Getting married in the hope to fix your relationship problems will make all of those issues even more difficult and harder to solve. So, it makes no real sense. Yes, marriage will change people over time, but you also prepare yourself for those changes, as some of those changes won’t bring any positive changes in your life and relationship.

2. You feel rushed
If you and your really love each other and want to be together forever, then you are going to be together forever. You don’t actually want a piece of government issued paperwork to validate it. It doesn’t matter, what your family, friends, or even people around you say, you shouldn’t rush in making such an important decision. There are some couples, who think that they have met the right person. So, without any delay, they rush down the aisle, get married, and live happily ever after. But, that doesn’t mean that it will work for you. If you are dating someone, and you have a feeling that things are moving too fast, it’s time to listen to your instincts and push the brakes.

3. You are in a long distance relationship
If your relationship that has been a long distance one the whole time, and never lived near each other all throughout the relationships, adapting to a marriage quickly will be really challenging. You need to take a good look into your relationship before you make such a drastic change to your relationship.  We aren’t telling you and your partner should move in together right away, but be fully sure that you want to get married because your relationship hasn’t been working due to the reason that your lives don’t overlap.

4. You are getting married to please someone else.
You know when it’s a wrong idea to get married? Well, when your family tells you to do it. There are many ignorant families among us who ask their children to get married. Why? They tell them they owe them a wedding. But, it’s you and your partner who is in a relationship and will get married eventually. So, if you decide to get married because you are nagged into getting married by your family, friends, even your co-workers, you have failed yourself as a couple.


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