What To Do If Your Girlfriend Isn’t Romantic Enough

When we talk about of true love most single men and women don’t dream about forgotten anniversaries, buying gifts for special occasions, stresses about appearance, nagging, arguments about sharing household chores, or going to bed at different times at night. Instead, we envision relationships with flowers, chocolates, fun, lots of laughs, undivided attention and never-ending romance. But, the experience of falling in love with someone is different from reality. It’s not a blissful experience which most of us see in romantic movies.

Most men and women don’t expect a romantic relationship to be all about diamond encrusted love hearts, adorable kisses or flowers every day. Most of us have hectic schedules and most of our free time is spent tapping the screens of our smartphones than having a meaningful, engaging conversation with our partners. That doesn’t mean we don’t have expectations, but those expectations aren’t high enough to nurture and maintain a happy, healthy and long-lasting relationship. Romance needs to be practiced and cultivated without which it will be lost. Lack of passion and affection in your relationship will make your partner to distance himself or herself from you and will ruin your relationship.

So, what should you do if romance is lacking in your relationship? The answer is pretty straightforward: get romantic. But before you take steps to bring back the love into the relationship, you need to keep in mind that romance isn’t a one-way street. You’ve to create it together with your partner.  There are many ways to improve the romance in your relationship, particularly when your significant can’t actually understand why it’s crucial for you and the relationship.

  1. Initiate affection with your girlfriend. Touch her and flirt with her throughout the day. Show her how flirting and touches even the subtle ones can invoke higher sexual desire in a person.
  1. Complimenting your partner is an excellent way of improving the romance in your relationship. Appreciate and praise her looks, what she does, what she says, or anything else that she has done that has made the relationship better.
  1. Surprise her with something that she loves. It will make her think that you’re thoughtful and caring.
  1. Kiss your partner every day. Kiss her when she wakes up in the morning, when you leave for work, when your return home, and so on. Tell her you to love her every day. Figure out what’s her love language and make an effort to express your love and affection to her in that way.
  1. Flirt in public. Become that couple that makes everyone envious. You’ve only one life to live. So, embrace it and enjoy it.
  1. Make your significant other to feel special every single day. Cook for her sometimes, take her on well-planned dates, give them thoughtful gifts, and give her some alone time. Arrange something for your significant other to have something they've never been experienced or missing. It doesn't have to be romantic all the time, but make sure it’s something that they miss or crave. It will make her feel special, and she will appreciate you for it.  Lastly, talk to your girlfriend about how your love and how it drives you and why you love it so much.

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