Is Your Girlfriend Ready To Commit To A Long-Term Relationship? Here Are 4 Signs That Tell She Isn’t

Many couples, who have been in a long-term committed relationship for a while, at some point realize that relationships are easy. Maintaining relationships is hard work. To have a happy, healthy relationship, both partners must invest their energy and effort in it.  And the lack of it will make the relationship to fail eventually.

All of us want to avoid a relationship failure, which raises this question: If you are an in a new relationship, is there a way or any indication to predict whether your new girlfriend is ready to give in the energy and effort to make a relationship to work out? The answer is, of course, is no. You see relationships are unpredictable. But, luckily, there are some indications that will show that your partner isn't ready for a long-term relationship or doesn’t have what it takes to commit in a serious relationship:

  1. If the two of you have even a petty argument or fight, your partner is breaking up with you. If this occurs, they may or may not mean it at the time, or they might apologize for it the following day. But the thought that they feel or think to break up on the spot after any kind of argument is really unnerving. Whether you are in an open or exclusive relationship, most couples will agree that is not the best way to handle relationship problems maturely and rationally.
  1. While you might have a lot of fun together and mastered the art of small talk, you may not feel thrilled if you see your girlfriend hardly communicates with you in a calm, peaceful and relaxed manner. It indicates that she doesn’t clearly understand what she really wants from the relationship, what’s good about it, what changes she can make to make the relationship better, and the direction the relationship is heading. Also, you discover that your partner rarely or makes no attempts to have sex with you, despite you being very emotionally and physically intimate with her.
  1. If you see new partner isn’t genuinely recognizing or acting as if she’s in a serious relationship, it means that she’s isn’t completely ready for one. People, who can’t fully comprehend that they are in a serious relationship, act like they are still single. They still make their own decisions about what they want to do without talking about it with their partners. Besides, they also don’t ask their spouses what the want. That’s not the way you do things when you are in a relationship.
  1. Your relationship stuck and isn’t going anywhere, even you and your girlfriend made plans to move in together or get married. Relationships aren’t constant, they grow. If you are in a committed relationship, it should keep growing. If your relationship is stuck in the same situations, plagued with the same issues year after year, you and your partner keep talking about the same topics all the time; it means that your relationship isn’t growing. If there isn't any growth in your relationship, it will cease to be a romantic relationship. It will be more like a friendship, and you and your girlfriend will see yourselves in a “friends with benefits” situation.

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