Gloria Estefan’s Net Worth

When we think of some of the most popular and richest Latino singers, one of the first names that come to mind is usually Shakira. However, there is another incredibly talented Latino artist that has won the first place in terms of money earned. As we are not going to compare the talents here, when it comes to money, Gloria Estefan seems to have found the recipe for success. She is one of the bestselling artists in the music history and that has brought her a couple of millions in time.

Gloria is also very lucky to have her husband Emilio by her side who has exploited any opportunity that life offered them. Therefore, apart from earning money from music, the couple has also entered in the tourism world and they own a line of hotels that has brought them some other important millions.

How Rich Is Actually Gloria Estefan?

According to Forbes, Gloria’s net worth in 2017 was around $500 millions. Gloria made the first millions as a solo artist. She launched in the music world and became shortly very popular. This brought her success and her nice and moving music made her one of the best-selling singers worldwide. She sold over 100 million albums all around the world, among which 31.5 million were sold in the United States. This is a remarkable achievement for a Latino singer and this continues to keep her on top.

Her hard work and talent brought her many titles as well. She is the successful winner of 7 Grammy Awards and her music continues to write life stories even after so many years. Apart from the Grammies, her success was also confirmed by the Ellis Island Congressional Medal of Honor, MTV Video Music Award, Hispanic Heritage Award or the American Music Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Millions Made Out of Music

However, even though singing was her main source of income, Gloria shortly understood that she could fill her bank accounts from other activities as well. Therefore, thanks to the great collaboration she has with her husband, they decided to try other sources of income that can bring them more money.

One incredible detail that not many know is that Gloria did not have any business knowledge when she decided to try something new. Despite all these, she was open to risk and one of the first businesses she built was her own line of hotels. Therefore, with part of the money she earned from music, she decided to invest and go on a new business adventure that could bring her 10 times more money or, on the contrary, could be a total failure.

Gloria had her husband standing next to her and this helped them be successful in business. They started with one hotel and soon after they developed an entire line of restaurants and hotels with different themes that attract a great number of tourists annually. Of course, her name and fame are one of the biggest motors in attracting tourists, but they definitely would not come back if it was not for the great services they offer.

Real Estate Investments

Just like any other artist, Gloria also likes investing her money in incredible mansions that offer her all the comfort she could wish for. For instance, she owns a house in Miami Beach and she is proud to have one of the most beautiful mansions there, close to the sea. She calls her house “The Pleasure Dome” and we could only guess the reasons why she gave it this name.

As if all her businesses were not enough for producing money, Gloria even rents her guest house at the stunning price of $30,000 a month. Believe it or not, she has many requests during the year as there are many persons who want to experience the diva’s luxurious life.

Luxurious Pleasures

While real estate investments bring her also an important part of her income, Gloria loves also to spend money. One of her biggest passions she has is the clothes made by famous designers especially for her. This is one of her “guilty luxurious pleasures” that cost quite a lot. Moreover, those who have spotted Gloria in town have understood also her passion for cars. She is usually making her entrance in a classic Cadillac Escalade.

In conclusion, Gloria is definitely a highly-talented diva who has managed to stay on top both in music and business.


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