Good Communication Is A Must For A Happy Relationship

Most couples have blamed the breakdown in communication as one of the main reasons for the failure of their marriages. What does it mean? The breakdown in communication means that the both persons in the marriage are still communicating in some way or form. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t talking with each other. Problems arise when the couple stops all kind of communication altogether.

Take a moment and recall the early days of your relationship. You’ve talked over the phone for hours and sent text messages and emails throughout the day that made little sense. You shared every little and quirky details of the day to your partner. All those hours you spent talking on the phone, sending text messages and sharing all those stories and moments to your significant other defines you who you are today.

If you liked to talk so much then, what happened now that you speak so little?

You’re making less frequent phone calls. You talk less on the phone, and those cute and nonsense text messages started to dwindle. Over time you became busier doing other stuff and don’t have the interest to share all those mundane details of your day. You start to think that your partner has no interest in listening to what you do all day as he or she already knows about it. Gradually, a time arrives where there is simply no communication. The conversations have stopped for good.

So, how can we get out from his rut? One approach is to start communicating again and stop doing what we are doing, focus on our spouse and talk to them. Get engaged in a two-way conversation. Be interested what he or she is saying and try to relate to their feelings and emotions. Respond, react and reply to his or her questions. Focus. Turn off your TV and switch off your smartphone. Responding to all emails that are clogging your inbox, keep track of our favorite teams' latest scores, checking the new and weather stats can all wait. You and your partner can set topics on a variety of issues, select one of them randomly and have an in-depth conversation about it. Ask questions and respond to them, even sometimes the answers won't be right or embarrassing. It’s a nice way to keep the dialogue going.

The point here is to talk, listen and share. Relationships will die if the communication disappears. It’s far more important than you think. It’s okay sometimes we don’t like to talk and spend some alone time for ourselves. If you need some quiet time for yourself, tell your husband about it, and get recharged. However, if you keep having too many of those days, then it can become a problem.

Overall, if you want to have a long-lasting relationship, then it’s crucial to be a good conversation partner. It means not only are you good at talking but in listening as well. Engaging actively while talking and listening to your partner demonstrates empathy and compassion. It means giving advice when needed and listening to it when it’s not. It’s unhealthy for a relationship where one partner does all the talking and the other keeps on listening – It’s speech, not a conversation! Remember, communication is like oxygen for a relationship. Without it, it dies.

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