Is It A Good Idea To Change Yourself For Someone Else?

When it comes to dating, is it a good idea to reinvent yourself or change into someone else to be befitting to your new partner? Read on to find out if you are changing yourself for the better or changing into someone else to get someone love you back.

Being passionate about finding love

Folks say that you will always find love when you least look for it or maybe they never told you to set up a profile on an online dating site. Be proactive when looking for love. Go to dinner parties, social events, ask your friends to introduce to their friends (male or female), take cooking or rock climbing classes, etc. It’s a great way to meet and know other people, where you can easily find someone who shares common interests with you.

Get in shape

High self-esteem and confidence is the key to finding and attracting a perfect mate, especially when you’re still single. See, it’s understandable to see people who are in a long-term relationship being lazy and not taking too much care” of their physical looks. If you’re looking for love, it’s imperative that you get physically active, change your diet and get healthy. Getting in shape won’t only make you appear physically appealing; it will also make you feel confident.

Update yourself about your responsibilities you will have in your relationship

When you’re in a long-term relationship, the roles you usually take in the relationship change over time. It can be as easy as taking your partner for the occasional dinner or go on a vacation, or it can be dramatic and harsh when your partner doesn’t want to take on dates, buy your gifts and don’t like to spend some alne time together. For example, he wants you to organize a vacation, and you’re concerned that he won’t get good deals on the hotels. Whatever you do, discuss it with your partner about it and make the decision together, which will make your relationship even better.

So, when do you realize that you started to change too much?

If you’re taking the concept of reinventing yourself too seriously, there is a possibility that you might start losing your identity. There is a chance that if you change too much, you might lose some friends and even family members. It is okay to make your boyfriend or girlfriend your top priority here, but it’s only critical that you maintain a sense of yourself and who you are. Don’t discard your hobbies, interests, and passions just to make your partner love you or make him or her happy. And keep in mind, if they expect or ask you to do, then maybe he or she isn’t the right person for you.

Always keep your views, feelings, and thoughts to yourself, especially if you’re in an exclusive relationship or married. This is often the case with women as the society implies them that if they expressed their thoughts and feelings verbally, their partners might leave the relationship. We would recommend women not to voice their opinions in an aggressive manner. But, it is also necessary to ensure that your partner respects your feelings when you express them without feeling intimidated or judged.

The bottom line is sometimes it is helpful to change or reinvent yourself to some extend to accommodate your partner, particularly when you’re in a new relationship. To raise the bar of your intimacy, you can find this loving technique very helpful. But don’t change too much in which you lose your identity and later regret when the relationship ends.

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