Good Online Dating Profile Photos May Get You More Matches

Online dating has grown in popularity than ever before. It’s just not young men and women looking to find their dates online, even veterans too, have started looking for love. However, people get frustrated when they don’t get much response after setting up their online dating profile, and in some cases, they quit.

But, did you ever think that whether if your bad profile pictures are the main reasons your potential suitors aren't interested in your profile? Having a lovable and decent profile picture is a must if you want to successful in getting attention from people online. Whether they check your profile or not, people are going to make judgments on your online profile based on your photos. Here are few tips that you should remember when uploading your online dating profile photo.

1. Don’t upload blurry, dark or oversaturated photos. Also, don’t upload flash-induced ‘red eye’ pictures of you or with your eyes closed. Don’t post pictures that have the time stamped on them. Don’t post extremely close-up photos or selfies, or with your tongue sticking out. It’s terrible.

2. Never post a profile photo while wearing a costume. It may seem funny to you, but for someone looking for you, it may look utterly strange and awkward.

3. Don’t post profile photos while wearing sunglasses. It’s okay if you upload a few pictures of yourself with shades, but not all of them. If you show off a picture of yourself wearing sunglasses on the beach, it’s cool. Remember, your matches also want to see your eyes.

4. Posting party shots are bad. You don’t want your matches to see you enjoying yourself with your friends with martini glasses or beer cans in your hand. After seeing your party shot images, your match might make the assumption that partying is a big part of your life.

5. Avoid sharing photos you took with an opposite sex without any explanation. A lot of people have online dating profile picture with someone of the opposite sex. They even post a text on the picture which is the person on that particular photo. It makes your match wonder who the other person in the picture is. Mostly think it’s their ex. And you don’t your matches to assume that one.

6. Don’t post images where it can clearly be seen that someone cut or removed their faces out using programs like Photoshop. These types of pictures are pretty common to find on most online dating sites.

7. Don’t post photos that you’ve taken in your car or bathroom. No one is interested in the interiors of your car or bathroom.

8. Never upload hunting pictures, shots of you holding weapons, or posing next to a dead animal you killed. This isn’t only scary, and it makes people uncomfortable and gives them an impression that you like kill birds and animals for fun.

If you decided to have relationship and looking for a woman or man online, please put some effort, time and thought in your photos, because they’re very important. Ask your close friends to take some beautiful, attractive and appealing pictures of yourself. Use the headshot or medium shot as your main cover photo. Also, don’t forget to include a full-length body photo as well.

Happy dating!

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