Got Rejected? It’s Not Always Your Fault!

Let’s be honest; Breakups are hard to deal with. When someone you loved and cared ends a relationship with you, it seems like your whole world is falling apart, you feel upset, disappointed and everything in between. You started to that it’s because of you that your partner broke up with you. The same things can be applied to someone with whom you did like to have a relationship with, but he or she didn’t feel the same way about it or was simply not interested in you. Rejection can sometimes be very painful at a personal level. If you can’t overcome the pain, it can limit your chances of finding true love in the future and create barriers to find future happiness.

So, if you’re interested in someone and the relationship ends, or you got rejected, it’s critical that you embrace a healthy perspective on what just happened. Below are some suggestions that can help you understand it. Read on to find out more:

• When a relationship ends abruptly, recall the facts. Stop thinking about self-deprecating thought like ‘you aren’t worthy of a relationship’ or ‘you’ll die alone’ and so on. These opinions about yourself aren’t only wrong; they will create more pain inside of you for the loss of the person you loved and cared about so much. In fact, if you realize that you’re sadder about what this break up tells about than the person you just lost, it all points to self-condemnation. It’s time that you think positive and says positive things about you.

• Sometimes rejection occurs because there wasn’t any love among the both of you. When someone breaks up with you, it doesn’t mean that you’re imperfect or that you’ve failed to love him or her. It’s neither about you or your partner. Sometimes love fizzles out during the initial days of dating. This is why it’s always a bad idea to have discussions or plans to make lifetime commitment after just a dating for a few weeks of falling in love. The affection and the attraction between the two people can dissipate. It takes time for both people to know that the love they’ve for each other is the permanent or everlasting type. In other words, we can also say that the relationship simply ran out of gas before reaching the finish line. So, don’t think that it happened because of you.

• Usually, relationships can only be long-lasting, if the visions and goals of two people complement each other. Relationships get dismissed when someone in a relationship realizes that his or her vision or plans for the future aren't compatible with his or her partner. We all have expectations from our relationships. When we see that our expectations aren’t in sync with our existing relationship, we lose hope in it and decide to end it. However, don’t think that your partner decided to terminate the relationship or rejected you because you’re inadequate or deficient. It just means that we both don’t have a couple what it takes to have committed, long-lasting relationship.

If you’re looking for someone or already in a relationship, have a deep conversation with your partner about what it takes to be in a healthy and enduring relationship.

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