Great Romantic Dates Every Couple Should Consider Doing!

Date nights are the best nights. There is nothing better than spending time or doing something nice and special with your significant other. And it doesn’t matter, how you do it or where you do it as long as you're together, right?  Well, wrong! Don’t get all fired at me. Allow me to explain.  Yes, we understand that the most important thing to do at any date night is who are you are spending it with. But, if you want your date nights or dates to be successful and something the two of you can cherish as long as you both are together, it’s important where you are going and what you will be doing when you get there.

Your dates don’t have to full of over-the-top romantic gestures, but it’s necessary to take advantage of these opportunities to point out to yourselves and each other that your relationship is a priority. Sometimes, it’s important that you do things to spice up things in the relationship by doing something outside your comfort zones and something the both of you will enjoy. It will also remind each other you both are still important to each other.

Below are six date night ideas that are guaranteed to make you both feel warm and lovey-dovey over each other:

1. Check out some new music
Explore some of the local music venues and enjoy some live music in or around your city or town. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hugely popular artist or an upcoming local artist, it is still fun to get out of town, hear some tunes while drinking your favorite beers.

2. Have game night outside
Instead of playing Monopoly at the comfort of your house, why not go out and play some games? Most bars these days have some sort of game or trivia nights. So, take your girlfriend during their late night happy hours and have some fun!

3. Attend a comedy show
If you and your spouse love comedy, instead of watching a funny movie, or a comedy show on TV, check out a local improv show. You can also buy tickets for your favorite comedian’s live shows and have a good laugh. If both of you want to watch movies, go old school and look out for any drive in theaters in your areas.  

4. Take a cooking class
Better your culinary skills by signing up for a cooking class together where both of you will learn all the instruction and tips that are required to make something special at home.

5. Go camping
If you think that going out for a dinner date at a fancy restaurant is too cliché for you and looking for something a little more adventurous or simply looking for an overnight getaway, then go camping! It’s a good way to take some out from busy, hectic schedules and have some peaceful alone time reconnecting with your significant other.

6. Go for a picnic
Going out for a picnic and spending some intimate moments with your partner is a good way to spice things up in your relationship or marriage. So, get hold of some extra large blankets, fill the cooler with beers, sodas, and sandwiches, and head to your local park. Have your dinner on the grass and don’t leave unless you do a little stargazing!

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