Greatest Ice Breakers For Online Chat That You Should Know

Online chatting is very popular all around the world. Online chatting is very similar to doing chatting with someone face to face in the physical world. Online chatting is a chatting done on internet with a single person or with multiple people at the same time. But sometimes online conversations are very hard to initiate after all the interests and hobbies being already provided on the chatting site. What could you ask more from the person on the other side? You cannot ask her about her favorite team or movie or hobbies and many other such things as they are already mentioned on the site. Starting chat with some attractive whether it’s a man or a woman is easy. But making those short conversations long is pretty much hard for many people. They are always looking for different kinds of greatest icebreakers for online chat that can break their silence and help them in having longer conversations.

Mentioned below are some of the greatest ice breakers for online chat that can help you in having a long and healthy conversation.

Talk on same ground: For having a long conversation with the person on the other side, you must talk on the same ground or standard in which she is. You can talk on common interests or common hobbies so that your conversation might go long without thinking too much. Don’t try to push the conversation. A good conversation doesn’t need any kind of push or extra effort to go on. Doing so will make you look like as if you are dying to talk to her making you look like a pervert. You can talk on some common place where both of you have been. Talking to her about a place which is unknown to her will make the conversation single sided. So, always start your conversation from a similar base.

Talk on topic with general interest: When you fall short of the topics to talk on or it looks like as if it is getting hard to continue a conversation, in that case you can try to talk on those topics which have a general interest or that topic is very famous or recent. You can talk on some latest movie which has released. You can talk on a football game or any other event which took place on an international level and it is assumed that most of the people are aware of that particular event. You can talk on anything which has similar interest between you and her. It is seen that talking on such topics is always easy which are common or well known to everyone.

Ask such questions that are long to answer: To initiate the conversation, you must ask her such questions that have a long answer apart from just saying yes or no. You can ask her questions on subjective matter or you can ask her opinion based questions in which she has to express herself as well as her opinions. You can ask what’s keeping you busy these days. Or how was your day today at the office or anything similar to it. These are the questions which need explanation and she will be forced to tell you in brief. You can also pick some questions from that conversation and ask her. Doing this will initiate your conversation as well as it will make it go long.

Compliment them: Complementing the women can be the greatest ice breakers for online chat. Compliments are always helpful in breaking the silence between two people. And they work excellent for a woman. Try giving a compliment to a woman and she will automatically start giving the reason behind it. Most of the women love to appreciate the compliments given to them. You can give her compliment on her looks, her style, her thinking, her decision, or on anything you like about her. You can compliment them just after putting up a question such as from where have you bought your shoes? I really liked them. Doing so she will reply you by thanking you and telling you from where she has bought the shoes. This can help you to automatically start the conversation.

Ask questions to know her:  As you are asking some questions to her, why not ask question upon her? You can ask questions based on her such as which is your favorite magazine or which type of food she likes or which kind of place would she prefers to visit while travelling on holiday etc. Asking such questions will initiate the conversation as well as you get to know more about her, what she likes and what she doesn’t like. Asking such questions will always reveal a hidden passion of her which can lead both of you into an interesting conversation.

Ask personal questions: Everyone loves to talk about themselves. Asking personal questions is a great way to initiate a conversation. You can also share your personal stories as well as personal experience which could lead both of you to a healthy conversation. You can also do some flirting with her by asking her what kind of person she would like to go out for a date. These are some interesting questions which are seemed to always work out. Don’t ask her such personal questions which can make her feel offended.

Discuss your plans:  Another way of starting the conversation is to discuss your future plans or ask her to give some opinion on your future plans such as you can ask her to give some opinion on your future plan or you can share your future plan with her. If you are thinking of visiting some country or are planning a vacation you can ask her which place would be the best to spend the vacations just to know her opinion or you can share your opinion with her that I am going to some place because it is famous for its beaches and warm sand.

These can possibly be the greatest icebreakers for online chat and can work wonders to give a head start to your relationship.

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