What A Guy Needs To Feel When Dating A Woman

If you want a man to get to know you better and ultimately to have a loving and committed relationship with you, you will need to build a positive experience first. This positive experience will subsequently make him impossible to resist and imagine life without you. If you’re able to do it, you’ll eventually have a healthy, loving and long-lasting relationship with him and you don’t have to anxious again of him getting away from you.

Here’s how:

1. Have Control Over Your Emotions
How you communicate your emotions has tremendous power over a man. They will help you to connect you with a man instantly, and they also have the power to push him away in no time. If you want to have a healthy, loving relationship with a man, and want to enjoy that wonderful feeling that comes with it by being close and intimate with him, even during the hard times, then you must know how to control your emotions. You should be aware how to convey your feelings with a man, and communicate in such a way that uses their power to benefit you and your relationship. If you rush, it will make the relationship crumble. So, take the time to process your emotions, and put them in perspective. Then your emotions and feelings will have a different effect on a man. Therefore, spare some time for your emotions to settle, before you express them to a man. Also, express your emotions calmly and passionately to a man, and he’ll surely have a positive experience overall.

2. Always Expect The Best Possible Outcome
When it comes to relationships, most men and women always expect the worse outcome. Let’s talk about a situation to put this into context. Say, your man didn’t call you even after he said he would. You quickly start to wonder where he is, who is he with, what is he doing, etc., and all sorts of negative thoughts. You start imagining in your head, having fun with other women, enjoying without you, and so forth. You get upset. Eventually, this creates negative tension and distance between both of you.

How can you deal with this? First, begin by visualizing your ideal outcome; and then create a positive meaning from the result by yourself. If he doesn’t call you, it's probably he is busy with work, forgot to call you, or just making himself free to call you. You’ll notice that your man will be more interested in talking to you as he has a lot of catching up to do. If he tells you that he isn’t ready to be in a serious relationship with you, you might freak out, and this will push him away without giving the relationship a second try. Instead, think of it this way – that is he really likes you, but he wants to think about the relationship deeply as his feelings for you are intense and adamant. You can get incredible results when you spin things positively. It will make you attractive and desirable to other men who are committed to being in a relationship, if not to him.

In dating and relationship, if you keep a positive mindset and have fun, it will create positive and intimate experiences in the relationship. Your partner will soon see you as positive and significant part of his or her life.

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