Guys! Ask These Questions First Before Getting Married

Let’s make one thing clear: don’t get married unless it feels right deep within you. Getting married to the right woman can be the best thing that can ever happen in man’s life. Getting married is one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make in your life. So, you need to be absolutely right on this one. Most guys take this life-altering decision lightly, which they regret later. With almost half of the marriage ending up in a divorce, don’t tie the knot until you are 100% certain that she is the one. It’s not uncommon to see guys getting married too young or got married because people they know are doing it. Later they regret the decision; they grow apart from their spouses or fall in love with someone much younger, hotter woman.

Relationships and life are complicated. But, sometimes unexpected things happen in relationships because we can’t tell what lies for us in the future. If something bad happens in the relationship or marriage, it might be your fault. So, don’t blame your girlfriend or spouse for all the negativities in your relationship. So, it’s important you do your homework and think long and hard before making a major decision like getting married.

Here are some questions that men need to ask themselves before getting married:

“Am I ready to be married?”
Marriage isn’t a joke. It’s a lifelong commitment. So, before taking that leap be fully aware of what you are signing up for. Marriage is a strong bond that is built on trust, respect, and love. So, look deep within yourself and ask yourself whether you are making the right decision by getting married. If you are having second thoughts, pause, take a deep breath and ask yourself again. If you are still having hesitations, maybe you need to reconsider your options.

“What future will I have with her?”
Peek into your future and envision the kind of life that you will have with your partner after being married. Think about your work, where will you live, play, vacation, travel, or buy a house. The more you think about these things, the more questions you will ask yourself. But, always try to imagine the “best” things you will have with this woman.

“What are her expectations?”
Marriage isn’t all about you. The woman you married will invest her time, body, mind and spirit in you, and she rightfully deserves to have a clear idea what it will be like to be married to you. If you think that she’s the right person for you, make sure you don’t keep any secrets from her, which will make her rethink or regret of being married to you. Let her know about your hopes, dreams and aspirations and how you will always be there for her. Before getting married other questions, you need to ask yourself are, “Do we both of you want kids? Does she make me laugh? Does she fight fair? Do we share the same interests and values?

“Will I be happy and content having sex with one woman for the rest of my life?”
This is a difficult question for guys to answer in many ways. One of the basic tenets of marriage is to have sex only with your girlfriend or wife. In a monogamous relationship, you must be faithful to your partner. And if you tell yourself that you are a horn dog, or prefer an open marriage or an open relationship, then a normal marriage isn’t for you.

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