Why Guys Should Date Shy Girls, Even Though Most Don’t Want To

This might sound odd to most people, as women who are little shy often get unnoticed by men, as they prefer their dates to be extroverted. So, why is that? Below are some reasons why men don’t like to date shy women, and shy women make great partners, so every guy should definitely date shy women!

Shy Women Aren’t Noticed By Men

When it comes to social events, the person who seems to make the most noise usually gets the most attention. If there is someone in a group who’s the loud and dominating in a conversation, he or she will get noticed by other people easily with a positive impression of them. Quiet people don’t have that privilege and often get unnoticed most of the time.

Shy Women Often Tend To Belong To Different Social Circles

During education and work, people from social circles, and among them, only a few are distinct groups. For example, at college, students who are cool and popular, who go to parties and drink, are often classified “hip” and “cool,” when compared to people who belong to a science club, who are typically classified as “geeks” or “conservative.” There are pretty, interesting girls on all circles, but guys tend to focus on the first group, where introverts often dislike to a part of.

Shy Women Aren’t Exciting At First

Individuals, who are shy, can be really attractive and exciting individuals, once people put some effort and time in knowing their true personalities. You be amazed to discover that some of the most intelligent and attractive people aren’t extroverts, but rather introverts ones.

Shy Women are More Rational, Less Drama Queens

Women who are loud, outgoing, and extroverted are usually fun when going out on a date, but most men consider what it is like to be their partners or be in a relationship with them. The thing is it doesn’t always turn out like that. Extroverted partners can sometimes be quite irritating and overly react to conditions where most shy women would not. Shy women tend to be calmer, more rational and create less drama.

Shy Women are Generous and Selfless

People usually appreciate something that is harder to obtain. This is also true in relationships. Shy girls and women take their relationships seriously and remain committed to it. They don’t only focus on their lives, they try to make their partners and people around them happy, and really appreciate people who also attempt to make them happy too. This is very important to have a positive, meaningful, and long-lasting relationship.

Shy Women Often Come As Confident and Independent

Shy women are more confident, independent-minded and often act alone. They are decisive individuals and take control of most situations and make their own decisions. They don’t feel insecure and need assurance or any kind of approvals to make important decisions, while in a relationship. This can be huge relieve for most men because a needy and insecure partner can be emotionally draining for them.

Contrary to popular beliefs, shy women are confident, interesting, caring, and free-minded than most extroverted women, which most men are attracted to. But when it comes to great partners in relationships, shy women always have the upper hand and that what most men desire in women.

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