Guys! This Dating App Most Men Like As Women On It Are Easy Going

There has been a lot of articles about the merits and demerits of online dating sites. But, what about the dating apps? Dating apps have become immensely popular thanks to the massive popularity of smartphone. However, the world of dating apps is so contorted, don’t you think? Well, at first, most people were using dating apps because everyone thought they were just for hooking up. But, recently we have seen people using popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, looking for serious relationships and always defending their potential.

Nevertheless, dating apps do seem like decent ways to find a partner, it didn’t hold that distinction for long, as the mainstreams society has until now labeled deemed these dating apps fit for perverts and creeps. Besides, there have been many surveys and social experiments conducted on dating apps, and most surveys concluded that dating apps are mostly considered as a mean to hook up. In fact, there is one app most guys looking for hookups like the most as they think hooking up with women on it are easy.

So, can you guess which one is it? Well, you guessed it right: It’s Tinder!

We found that men who love Tinder because of its high hookup potential are overwhelmingly angry, nerdy, and big fans of taking out their anger on Reddit. One such Reddit user to ask the site's users to rate which dating app they liked better, and the choices were Tinder or Bumble. The response was overwhelming and obvious with Tinder coming out on top, while Bumble got a whole lot of hate. One Reddit user ranted out that he has tried both apps for two years but never got a date. He also said that though he got a couple of matches on Tinder, but got almost none on Bumble. It’s evident that girls on Bumble seem to have way higher standards than those on Tinder. He also said that most of the time the girls on Bumble never responded, and he initiated almost all of the conversations.

So, what does this mean? Does it mean that guys don’t want to date a girl with high morals and standards? Aren’t having high morals and criteria a good thing to have in a potential partner? Isn’t a partner with high standards crucial to have a happy and long-lasting relationship?

Another guy hates Bumble as the app doesn’t allow users to send messages to women who are uninterested constantly. While on Tinder, you can do that, even if you ignored your messages. There have been other comments of users telling despite getting plenty of matches on Bumble; no one cared to respond him, which was a total waste of time. Some even commented that Bumble is where girls went when they failed to get laid on Tinder.

So, where does this leave us? It’s for sure these Reddit users will keep on hating Bumble as they can’t use it to continuously send unsolicited messages to women not interested in them or can’t use it to stalk women. These guys think that Bumble is only for confident, successful women, who don’t want to date losers. Well, good for women as this means that getting on Bumble is one of the best decisions for all those single ladies looking for a relationship out there.

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