Guys Get Tattoos Soon As Tattooed Guys Make Good Husbands!

Tattoos have been associated with reckless and rebellious nature for a very long time. They are termed as unprofessional and irresponsible. Even today, some people think that tattoos are still controversial and are not something they like to see in their romantic partners or potential partners. So, these people might feel a little hesitant or uncomfortable to bring a guy or a woman home with noticeable tattoos while meeting each other friends and family.

But, things are a lot different now. They are officially the new normal. In fact, these days more and more people, young and old, are having tattoos. Almost 4 in 10 millennials have a tattoo, and among them, nearly 50% have two or more tattoos. The reason is that now tattoos don’t have any social statement and aren’t considered bold symbols like they were a few decades ago. Tattoos don’t signify a person living an unconventional lifestyle or having controversial values. Believe it or not, when it comes to romantic relationships, tattoos might indicate many positive and wonderful characteristics of a man or a woman.

Here are some reasons that tattoos may actually be a hit with the ladies because science says tattooed guys make great husbands:

1. Men with tattoos have more sex

A study published in Sexual Medicine discovered that people who have tattoos, piercings and other kinds of body modifications have more sex with their partners than people who don’t have tattoos or anybody modifications. Well, this might be a little controversial, but not everyone can be wrong, right? Or you just can get a couple of tattoos and see what the fuss is about by yourself.

2. Men with tattoos are more confident

If you want to have a happy, successful relationship, you need to confident and have a high self-esteem. Some ignorant folks assume that having tattoos means that individual hates his body or feels insecure. But, the reality is quite the opposite. A survey found that people who got a tattoo immediately felt less anxious and had higher self-esteem after three weeks of getting a tattoo. They also said that the sadness and dissatisfaction they had about their bodies disappeared immediately after having a tattoo.

3. Men with tattoos are educated

It’s likely that your parents told you not to bring a woman with tattoos or heard them telling your sister to never bring a guy home with tattoos. Why? Because to them people who have tattoos are drug addicts, criminals, irresponsible, unemployed and what not! But, when you are looking for a romantic partner, it’s important to remind yourself not to judge a book by its cover. A newly released study reported that these days many young, educated and employed students and adults are getting inked. After conducting a survey of 1,753 students, researchers found that 14 percent have tattoos, while 4 percent have four or more tattoos an d seven or more piercings. Among them, some even have piercings in their nipples and genitals. Who thought this would happen?

So, if you are looking for a relationship and think that having tattoos will make you less attractive to women, think again. Because tattoos won't only make you a great boyfriend or husband, it will also make you sexier to women.

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