Guys Never Underestimate The Power Of Words

As much as we love to say that online dating is easy because you don’t have to face the awkwardness in communication. You even get the time to think of a good response and then write, but still, online dating can be confusing as well. Sometimes, we underestimate the sensitivity of it and say things which should have definitely not been said. In all this, you must particularly be careful in not conveying a bad image of yourself to the other person. Online dating usually starts with the two telling about themselves to each other. Guys are never cautious about what they say which is why they tend to mess things a lot. This article is going to about few of the words which guys should prefer using when describing themselves to the other person as it will possibly convey an attractive image.

#1 Physically fit

There would be no women who would not appreciate the physical fitness of a guy. Sure, they don’t want fitness freaks but having a good physique is always a plus point. A majority of the women are looking for guys that care for themselves too and are in a good and presentable shape.

#2 Ambitious

This will give the impression that you are a mature man who knows exactly what he is doing with his life. She will be aware that you are a self-sufficient guy who is no longer dependent on his parents and definitely not surviving on the pocket money given by parents.

#3 Perceptive

Perceptive means that the guy is smart, and not like dumb people who don’t use their mind at all. She will know that you are sensitive as well as observant and she should expect an intellectual conversation with you.

#4 Passionate

Going to work and doing a job is not what should be present in you. At some point in time, that will get somewhat boring. You need to show that you are passionate about your life and that you look for spice in different things. Girls love guys who go deep into certain things other than work. This increases the chances of getting more attention from your online date.

#5 Optimistic

This will give the impression that you are not a cry baby. She will want to be around you more because she would be expecting positive vibes from you which are not that easy to get these days from people.

#6 Funny

Now, this is something all girls look for in guys. A good sense of humor has become a rare thing these days. The guy who is able to make a girl laugh has the best chances with her. Therefore giving her the impression that you are a fun person to be around with, is always going to work.

#7 Thoughtful

Most guys are not at all emotionally intelligent, and they cannot relate to the feelings of girls. Being thoughtful means that you will take care of her preferences and then try to please her in those ways, this will ultimately attract her towards you.

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