Guys Simply Can’t Resist A “Cool Girl.” So Become One!

Do you know that most guys decide whether the woman they’re seeing is “girlfriend material” or not within just a few seconds of meeting her? Yes, you heard that right. If you fail to create the right first impression with a man, there is a high chance that you might be banished into the much dreaded “just a friend “category for good. Therefore, it’s imperative to understand how can attract men and provoke interest towards you at a deeper level from the moment he meets you for the first time.

Often, guys think of women as relationship material. Any woman to them is a “cool girl” when they realize that the woman they’re dating understands something that other ladies can't even figure out what’s going on. “Cool girls” radiate positive emotional energy that feels very attractive to guys. These are the type of women; most men get inexplicably drawn to. If you are a “cool girl,” you don’t have to like a supermodel to grab the attention of a man.

So, how can you become a “cool girl”? Here's a list of what “cool girls” won’t think of doing:

1. Cool girls aren’t in the business of exaggerating what's happening around them or what a man's doing. Even if they do it, they will be doing it as a joke or to make fun of a man in a flirty or playful way.

2. Cool girls think before they speak. They don’t like to say or share everything that they're feeling and experiencing.

3. Cool girls seldom talk about issues, problems or bad situations or experiences from the past unless they need it or when they’re in a situation where they must talk about it. They will only talk about things from the past when they’ve met the right man or when they find the right time for them. Apart from that cool girls always live in the present moment. Cool girls also don't talk or complain about stuff for too long that no one is responsible for or is almost impossible for any person to resolve the problem or the situation.

4. Cool girls don’t force a man to open up about his feelings or make a man do something that he doesn’t like to do. They know pretty well it will only backfire, and he’ll think that she's desperate or needy and he'll run off from her. Cool girls prefer men who make up his own mind.

Now, here's a list of what “cool girls” will always be doing:

Cool girls bring funny, positive emotions and thoughts to situations to create an overall good experience that men will want to have it again and again. They will on most occasions are willing to go with the flow when it comes to social things, but they’ll make themselves heard out when they have opinions and ideas. Cool girls have their things and activities to keep themselves satisfied and happy. This doesn’t make them feel that they’re left when they aren’t invited to something and certainly don't complain or even mention it.

So, when you’re looking for a girlfriend, consider dating a “cool girl,” as they know the way they feel and talk about themselves is what men are looking for in a girlfriend.


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