What Guys Want Their Girlfriend To Do To Spice Up Their Sex Life!

Whether you've been in a relationship for six months or 10 years, couples can still enjoy a very fulfilling and satisfying sex life. Sure, it can be challenging to keep the sex interesting, particularly if you've been a long-term relationship or marriage. Coming up with new sexy moves in the bed is not easy when you’re stuck in a rut or having some real problems in your relationship.

If you’re a woman reading this here are 15 things most men want their girlfriend to bring up the heat in their sex life and bring the heat back into the bedroom as well as in the relationship:

  1. Wear a garter belt and put on some sexy stockings.
  2. Don’t forget to keep your naughty parts groomed and well-maintained. You can consider having a simple trim if having a bikini wax is too painful for you.
  3. Men love a sexy strip-tease. They also like a lap-dance. Try anyone or both, whatever makes your boyfriend feel happy. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to spend a boat load of money on lingerie. Just removing your regular clothes will do the job easily.
  4. Sexy or flirty texts can get him going. Also, this also turns on women, too. Send your man something like, “I can hardly wait for you to get home tonight” or “I have a sexy surprise for you.” Make sex a surprise. Put on his favorite shirt without wearing anything and greet him at the door when he comes home from work. This is guaranteed to turn him on. And when you promise to give him a surprise, don’t flunk it. Give him a surprise!
  5. Think of trying something new. If your boyfriend isn’t loud in the bedroom, consider exploring this new and unknown territory with him.
  6. Try phone sex, If he separated from you by many miles, living in another city or town, or if you’re in a long-distance relationship with him. It is okay for you to feel weird doing it for the first time, but it can be incredibly sexy when you get the hang of it.
  7. Join him while he’s in the shower.
  8. Give him a handjob or a blowjob, or combine the two of them.
  9. Take his hand and guide it wherever you'd like to put it. It won't only make you feel sexy; it’s big turn-on for a guy.
  10. Talk dirty with your man. Some men like when their lovers talk dirty. You might feel awkward at first if you’re not used to it. But, if you keep doing, it will become a habit. And there’s a bonus too; it might turn you on, too.
  11. Try new sex positions. It’s time for you to surprise your boyfriend by having sex in new positions. It’s okay if your partner is happy and satisfied with having sex in missionary style” or “I'm always on top,” position. But, by switching positions, you’ll be surprised how pleasant this will be for the both of you. Also, don’t forget to bring a bunch of pillows into the bedroom. You’ll need them while both of you’re having fun while enjoying new sexual positions.

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