What Should Guys Wear On Dates?

Whether you are a guy or a girl, whenever the time of the first date arrives, the most serious concern is about what to wear on the date, as most of the relationships take a start with the first impression. Fortunately, there is not a lot that you need to know. It is simple and straight forward. So, guys do not panic! Just check out the following simple tips to get yourself well dressed and presentable for your very first date:

Dress for the occasion

Firstly you have to consider the venue and then choose your outfit accordingly. Keep in mind the following suggestion when you start your preparations for your first long awaited, miraculous event.

  • For casual settings like going to a movie or a coffee shop, informal and relaxed dressing can make a perfect outfit. Wear clean jeans or casual pants along with nice simple T-shirt or button down top. If you usually wear hoodie or sweatshirts, lock them in a closet. The regular dressing is acceptable, but you need to look a bit different and unique as well, right? So, be different while dressing up.
  • If you are going to a place, a less casual one, then wear something a little dressier. Probably there is no need to wear a tie or jacket; just a dark colored slack with a nice button down shirt can be a good and decent choice.
  • Black is never out, but it's nice to add colors, not super bright but fresh colors that perfectly match your skin tone.

Wear what you are comfortable in

Always go for the outfit which fits you well to avoid any awkward situation from occurring. Moreover, do not try any new trend on your very first date. The big chances are that you will feel uncomfortable. Therefore it is always advised to stick to the one you already know.

Come up with a unique style

You do not need to overboard yourself for your first date, but it will be good if you just add some sort of individuality to your outfit.

  • You can wear an interesting watch or a smart belt.
  • How about wearing socks with a unique pattern? But, obviously with decent colors. Avoid wearing simple plain old ones. Try to mix it up a little.

Watch out for the outfit blunders

There are a few clothing items which are either irritating or not flattering at all. Avoid such blunders.

  • Wearing khakis is okay for the day to day use but wearing them on your first date is definitely not a good idea at all.
  • T-shirts with stupid jokes put a question mark on your maturity level.
  • No crocs or flip flops on the date. Sandal would be okay but only if the place where you are going to, allows you to wear them.

Flatter your best feature

You need to emphasize on your best physical trait. No doubt it is the personality that draws a person towards you, but your best physical attributes add up a little too.

Pay attention to your hygiene

Shower before going on a date. Shave well and make sure that your hair and beard are properly made. Wear clean freshly laundered clothes.

Minimize scent

There is no point of spraying yourself all over. Keep it light. Two pumps of cologne and three of body spray are sufficient enough. Avoid overdoing. Obviously, you want to smell nice but not overwhelming.

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