Handle Difference In Relationship With Men And Relationships With Women

God has created men and women both and has kept a huge difference not only in their physiques but also in their psychology. Two boys or girls can be the same, but a boy and a girl can never be the same.   Though, there can be the men and women who may claim that they think the same as their partner of opposite sex but at some point of time, they will agree that there are differences in their mindset. So, it is very important for the men and women to understand the psychology of the women and men respectively in order to live in a healthy relationship. It is the fact that they do expect different things from their partners and often have different meanings for being in the relationship. Here are few great points that will help you to understand the difference between the relationship with men and relationships with women.

Emotional needs are quite different

It is often considered that women are more emotional than men. They can easily express their emotions while the men find it hard to express their emotions, especially when they are feeling depressed and sad.  It has been continuing since ages, that men used to go out in order to earn the bread and butter for their families while the women were supposed to take care of their families. Hence, the men were considered as the supreme in the family. This concept is also present in the modern society, but now you will find that women are also working. This has enabled the women empowerment and now women want an equal position in the house and workplace which has greatly affected the self esteem of the men-ruled-society.

Men Communicate on facts while women do it on emotions

It is the reality that you will find the men communicating on the basis of the facts and figures. They are more practical than women. They tend to interact on the assumptions and bubble facts. Men also like to talk less as compared to the women. Men generally, open up their mouth in front of their boss, clients and customers and that too on the talks related to the business or work. Otherwise, they are a good listener. The relationship of the guys who speak less is better with the women who talk a lot. She will find every reason to talk to him and hence a better compatibility can be set.

It has been seen that men like to communicate through physical intimacy while the girls first like to have the emotional relationship. It is one of the biggest differences between the relationship with men and relationships with women. It is often seen that men initiate for sex in a relationship in order to show that they are sexually strong and available for the sexual relationship. If you want to win the heart of a man, get sexual either through touch or physical intimacy.  While to win the heart of a woman, it is important to sow a seed of emotion and get emotional bonding with her.

Men’s independence is women’s abandonment

Men like to live their life with more freedom and without any restriction. They do not like to be stopped or interrupted.  But, this can make the women to feel neglected by their male partners. It is obvious that most of the women, who are less pampered by their men, have instincts in their mind that their men are having an attraction for some other girl or they are just into an extra marital affair. When it comes to men and relationships with women, it might develop the seed of doubt even in a healthy relationship and can ruin it also. The men want to stay apart and hang out with their friends and best buddies while the women want to spend some quality time with their man only. When the expectations of the men and women are not met from their partners, then it becomes quite difficult for them to stay in a relationship. They feel it better to get separated rather to remain in the relationship that pinches.

Ways to overcome the differences

It becomes very hard to save a relationship when the differences in relationship with men and relationships with women become too vast. There is a need to bridge the gap in order to make the couples to understand each other well. Although, all the differences in the mindset cannot be completely eliminated but there are some of the important ways by which you can overcome the differences to enjoy a healthy relationship with men or women.

  • The key point to overcome the differences is to understand your partner. You are needed to put your feet into his/her shoes and make yourself open for viewing the things from the other side. It will help you to know if you are getting on the wrong way.
  • Maintain a continuous communication. Whether it is the verbal communication or the sexual communication, it should not be obstructed due to your differences.
  • Keep yourself open for discussion. It has been researched that most of the problems are resolved by talking about it. So, you are needed to discuss with your partner on the topics that cause trouble.
  • Share your desires, expectations, likes and dislikes and problems with your partner. It will help your partner to know the real you and to put their effort to meet your desires. Hence, your partner will be able to take a move according to your choice.
  • Take a break from your work, friends, family and relatives. Plan a holiday with your partner so that you can share some quality time without any sort of disturbance. This technique for overcoming the differences in the relationship is a proven method for a healthy relationship.

There are many more ways to overcome the differences in the relationship but all these ways will work only when you are ready to make an effort. For this, you need to understand the things and make yourself available for the changes for better.

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