Happily Alone: 30 Reasons It’s Great To Be Single

Why is it that some people think being single is the worst thing in the world? It seems like everyone is either in a relationship or trying to be in a relationship. It's like no one wants to just be single anymore! We're here to argue that there is nothing wrong with being single. In fact, being single can be a lot of fun! If you're single and feeling down about it, check out the following thirty reasons it's great to be single!

  1. More Time To Focus On Work/Your Career
  2. Less Drama
  3. You Can Spend More Time With Friends
  4. You Can Spend More Time With Family
  5. You're Not Sharing Your Home With Someone
  6. No One Is Nagging You 24/7
  7. You're Free To Explore Your Romantic Options
  8. You Can Focus More On Your Health
  9. You Can Take Time To Figure Out What You Really Want
  10. You Get To Know Yourself Better
  11. You're Free To Meet New People
  12. You Can Travel Wherever You Want, Whenever You Want
  13. You Can Spend Your Money On Yourself
  14. You Can Make Your Own Choices Without Considering Someone Else
  15. You Can Explore Your Sexuality
  16. More Time To Read Or Learn A New Hobby
  17. You Can Reflect On Past Mistakes So That You Make Better Choices
  18. You Can Spend The Holidays However You Want
  19. You Save A Lot Of Money
  20. You Don't Have To Answer To Anyone
  21. You'll Get More Sleep
  22. You Can Flirt All You Want
  23. The Bed Is all Yours
  24. You Don't Have To Share Your Meals
  25. What Movie To Watch Is Solely Your Decision
  26. There's No Fighting Over the Remote
  27. You Have the Freedom To Be Totally Selfish
  28. Where/What To Eat Is All Your Choice
  29. No One Is Criticizing Your Clothing
  30. There's No Arguing With A Partner

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