What Do Most Happy Couples Talk About? Find Out Here!

Having meaningful, real conversations is vital to be in committed relationships. One of the advantages of being in a committed relationship is that you have the opportunity to discuss topics you most likely avoided during the early stages of dating. Now that you’re in a happy, committed relationship, it’s time to pour yourselves a cup of tea, cozy up on the sofa and enjoys a good heart-to-heart chat.

Here are seven things most happy couples talk about daily:

1. Embarrassing Moments
We all have embarrassing and awkward moments that occurred during our high schools day or at work, but will never talk about them with our dates or partners. So, if you don’t tell them to anyone, who are you going to tell them to? If you haven't talked about it already, don't be afraid to bring up the subject. We won’t be surprised if your girlfriend’s stories are hilarious or outrageous than yours.

2. Political Views
Do you want to share your opinion about the next presidential election or that new law that passed? It’s okay if you don't agree with each other, but it would certainly be helpful if you did. One key point of a healthy relationship is that it allows both partners to share their own philosophies without offending each other’s viewpoints personally.

3. Insecurities And Fears
We aren’t talking about phobias here. We are talking about things that worry you or keep you awake at night. Is there anything you want to improve in yourself? What are your regrets? Feeling insecure gives you the ability to judge yourself and most importantly, a chance to finally being understood by yourself and your partner.

4. Childhoods Memories
Ask your girlfriend how did she spend her childhood? Did she make friends easily? What games did she play by herself and with her childhood buddies? Did she get into trouble in school? Was she bullied? Having conversations about childhood memories are fun and makes you feel nostalgic. It also gives an intimate insight into how your girlfriend has turned into the person she is today.

5. Past Relationships
This one is touchy. No one wants to hear how you spent your holidays with your ex with their current true love. There is, however, a difference between longing for your ex and just acknowledging what has happened. Confident, secure, and happy couples can open about their previous relationships without unintentionally comparing their existing partners with their exes.

6. Current Events
In today’s technological age, it's practically impossible to remain up-to-date on everything going on around us. Ask your girlfriend about her interests or hobbies; it doesn’t matter if it’s fashion or finances. Try to learn a few things about them. Who knows you might learn a thing or two about the latest shoe trends and use it to give your significant other something nice on her birthday.

7. The Future
It’s common to find couples who are in committed relationships talking about their future. Talking about the future with your partner can be scary and inspiring at the same time, it all depends on what you are talking about. We're not telling you should pressure your girlfriend into talking about your plans for marriage, kids, etc. But, we suggest both of you ask each other directly and openly talk about each other’s hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations.

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