Do Happy Marriages Exist? Yes, And It’s Totally Possible!

Do happy marriages exist? Yes, they do. There are many unhappy singles and couples around us all longing for the “happily ever after” after being in a relationship. Amongst them, the ones who are in the most pain are unsure whether they want to stay or leave the relationship. For most people, the possibility of experiencing a genuinely, happy relationship or marriage appears like a distant and impossible thing to achieve. But a happy marriage isn’t a mythical or magical experience, nor is it impossible to attain. A happy, long-lasting relationship or marriage is the outcome of many acts of two people who truly love and care about one another.

There will be a time in your relationship that despite your best efforts and how much you appreciate each other in the relationship; from time-to-time, you’re going have fights and arguments with each other, hurt each other, scare, disappoint, or sudden, the other partner. The primary difference between reality and myth is that you can’t have a happy marriage out of thin air. In reality, you can nurture a happy relationship or marriage by mastering a few passionate communication skills including forgiveness and sympathy and add them often to your significant other. Nonetheless, the difference between a happy marriage and an unhappy one is that in the former, both partners cares and loves each other.

Below are tips on how you can be in a happy marriage:

1. Compassion
Most people when they talk about compassion, they think about codependency. But, it’s not. In fact, it’s a healthy perspective on your own wants and needs as well as your spouses. It’s the understanding of the following the next four steps to get what you surely want and requires practicing the miracle of empathy.

2. Acceptance
Acceptance refers to your capability to love and care someone for who they are. You need to openly acknowledge all the idiosyncrasies that make him or her unique. It’s all about not forcing your partner to be the person you need them to be. Also, it’s also accepting the divinity and humanity of each other.

3. Respect
Respect refers to your capability to only acknowledge only the good traits of your spouse and appreciate those. No one is perfect; we all have imperfections, and all of us have our unique individual selves. We don’t fall in love with the perfect person, but true love can only happen if we learn how to see an imperfect person perfectly.

4. Empathy
Empathy refers to your capability to listen, understand, and genuinely care what your spouse feels, and they too do learn to do the same for you.

5. Self-love
Self-love refers to your capability to take excellent care of yourself, despite the fact that some of these circumstances aren’t favorable to you. You give the affection, appreciation, attention, care, and the acceptance that you need. Later, you share all of that love and affection with your partner. It’s true that unicorns don’t exist, but when it comes to relationships or marriages, you can have happy, committed and long-lasting ones, if you try.

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