Harrison Ford Reveals Diet Plan For Indiana Jones Role

Even though Harrison Ford has a chef in his family in the person of his son Ben, he is absolutely determined to keep his diet meal plan in order to keep being an authentic action man. He is heading towards 70, but it seems that Harrison is not getting tired at all of playing all sorts of action roles. Therefore, he is still able to pull off incredible stunts and twisted plots showing that he is ageless.

He likes to keep his diet simple but loaded with proteins that give him energy and make him stronger. Therefore, Harrison is eating lots of fish and vegetables in order to make him look great and make sure that his characters will transmit to the public what they were supposed to. In addition, to continue keeping his energy level extremely high, he is using Harrison Ford Supplements that help him also in building lean muscles and burn fat more rapidly.

“I feel fit to continue and bring the same physical action,” Harrison said when he was offered to play again the role of Indiana Jones. “I let my son spoil me from time to time, but I am extremely rigorous with my meal plan as I consider that by eating healthy I will be able to keep my physique like this year from now.” 

Harrison Ford diet



  • spinach omelet, 1 peach


  • chocolate nut shake (chocolate milk, peanut butter, chia seeds, ice)


  • grilled steak with avocado and tomato salad


  • grilled chicken or tuna, mushrooms, broccoli

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