The Harsh Reality About Why Men Lie To Women

Love it or hate it – men lie to their girlfriends, and they think it is okay. When you’re in a romantic relationship, lying can be damaging.  If you lie to your partner and if they feel suspicious that you might be lying or even worse catch you in that lie, it will seriously damage the trust. When trust gets lost in your relationship, your dream of being in a happy, long-lasting relationship will get bleak.

So, why do we tell lies to ourselves? It’s hard to answer the question. And figuring out why men lie to women they’re in a relationship with is almost impossible. Ladies give their hearts and souls to the men they love so dearly. They’ve made them the center of their worlds. So, why the heck those guys will tell lies to the women they love and care about? We asked a group of unknown men why they lie to their girlfriends, and some of them said things that are enraging, heartbreaking, and illuminating.

So, let's get real; why do men lie to their girlfriends?

  1. Women tell lies all the time. So, what’s wrong with guys lying? Some guys said they lie to their girlfriends because they lied to them from the start.
  1. Men sometimes lie to their girlfriends on the phone because they don't need to tell the truth to her all the time. For example, what is expected to tell your girlfriend when she calls you and you’re taking a massive shit?
  1. Men sometimes lie about some ridiculous inconsequential bullshit because they simply have no idea what are they are talking about.
  1. Men lie to their partners because they simply have no interest in getting into an argument or fight with her. They don’t want to lie, but at certain times they’ve to.
  1. Guys lie to their girlfriends to keep them from getting pissed. When they know the truth, they’ll get outraged and start off a big fight.
  1. Sometimes, guys have to lie or let’s say, tell a legitimate excuse not to be able to attend plans with their lovers. However, some men realize that there is no point in telling a lie here as they can just tell the truth. They can tell their girlfriends that they want to stay home and don’t want to go anywhere else.
  2. Some men really hate to see their girlfriends crying. So they lie only to keep them from not crying.
  3. Telling lies is sometimes much easier and convenient than being truthful. I guess this is the main reason why all of us can’t help but lie, to our significant others.
  1. There are two types of lies most people tell in relationships. Some lies are okay to say (Honey, you look beautiful in that dress, etc.), and some lies simply aren't (No, I didn’t have sex with her, etc.). The first lie will save the relationship, while the latter will destroy it.
  2. Being honest is crucial when you’re dating, but, sometimes, men lie to their girlfriends to get their attention. When you’re in a relationship with someone for a long time, there will be times when you have a feeling that you’re being overlooked or neglected. Doing something wrong or whatever, and then lying about it, will make you be at the center of her attention again.

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