Hate Your Date? Here’s Why…

Many of us overthink and tend to obsess about stuff that could otherwise be relatively straightforward. If you think that you are unsure about whether you like the new person, you’ve been dating for some time, and if you want to continue with the relationship, here’s why:

You Have Obsessive or Neurotic Behavior

People who are obsessive or neurotic are indecisive. They make decisions that they constantly doubt about it, and have the tendency to depend on other people overly. Obsessive men and women when they’re in a relationship are always anxious, overthink and don’t have any real peace in their minds. If you’re facing this problem or know someone who behaves this way, it’s advised they talk to a therapist or take medication that can help them reduce their obsessive traits.

You’re Afraid of Intimacy

Some people are reluctant to be in a committed relationship because they had some bad experiences with their past relationships. They’re afraid of intimacy in the relationship thinking that they might get hurt again. They believe that if they fall in deep love with someone new, and if they break up, they can move on. If your previous relationship didn’t work, emotional intimacy could be undesirable to some. If you aren’t sure if you like someone new enough, then it’s because you’re scared to intimacy. Even though, deep down you love the new person you’re currently dating, but your instincts are telling you to back off.

You Have Unrealistic Expectations

Some people doubt their partners because they have unrealistic expectations about relationships. Relationships are anything, but neat, simple and organized. If you’re looking for the right person to be in a loving, long-term relationship, you’ve to leave the fantasy world or all the traits you think you need to see in your future wife or husband. Just focus on the real world with the real person across the table. Talk easily and naturally with the person sitting in front of you during your first dinner date like you’ve known each other for a long time. If you still have doubt, whether if he or she is right for you, then make a decision about how you feel about that individual, not what you think about that person.

If you feel good with your new date and find that things are going nice and smooth, there is little chance you’re overthinking about your date.

You Have a Penchant to Self-Punish

If you believe that the new person you like isn’t right for you, then you might consider if you have a tendency for punishing yourself by not allowing yourself to feel good and relax about your new relationship. If you have a penchant of criticizing yourself and it’s better for you not to get involved in a relationship. Until you give yourself a chance to be joyful in a relationship.

The bottom line is when it comes to relationships; overthinking things will only make it worse and prevent you from being happy and content. Try to break away from this habit, distract yourself from it and focus all of that positive mental energy to make yourself relax and happy.

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