Haven’t Found Mr. Right, Yet? May Be You’re Doing Things In The Wrong Way

If you've been looking for love and still haven’t found your dream man, it’s time to consider that you might be doing something wrong that are making guys stay away from you. You may not realize that there are certain things you’re doing or saying regarding dating, men, love and even yourself that can affect your chances of finding the right man.

So, to all those single ladies out there, below are some dating rules for women to help you find the man of your dreams before you give up on true love:

1. Don’t Allow Breakups To Shut Your Heart Down
Don’t allow a breakup or a rejection to close your heart and stop looking for love. Keep in mind that breakups and rejections are part of the dating experience. If you’ve been rejected or had your heartbroken, let it go and heal. Now, build up your self-esteem and confidence, and get out and date again.

2. Don’t Be So Uptight
You’ve to take chances when looking for love. Sometimes you find success, and sometimes you don’t. If you have a “get-it-done” mindset when searching for a relationship, this can make you appear task-focused, unappealing and intolerant. This will make it difficult for women to approach you. Therefore, be friendly, smile at people, and make them laugh. It will improve your happiness and make you more attractive to guys.

3. Stop Being Shallow And Picky
We all fantasize of dating or being married to a successful, handsome man with tons of money. After all, who doesn’t? But if your main criteria for a perfect man is the one with style, status or money, then maybe you’re looking for men who fits your image of a perfect man, but merely aren't compatible.

Give some thoughts about other values that really matter in a relationship such as, is he marriage-minded? Does he like kids? Is he family-oriented? Is he caring and generous? It’s these characteristics that will help you to find a man more easily and to make your relationship a lasting one. Don’t have unrealistic expectations about the qualities you want to see in a man. We know you deserve the best, but do keep in mind that perfection doesn’t exist. Being overly picky and sensitive to a man’s qualities is a great way to keep yourself single.

4. Show Respect
This might be shocking, but some women don't respect men and think women are superior. Instead of dating them and figuring out whether the statement they’ve about men is true or not, they spend more time complaining about men. But, the irony is that these are the same women who want a relationship with a man! Guys can feel this, so don’t think you’re fooling anyone here. So, we advise that you make a list of qualities you admire and appreciate about men. This will help you to see men in a positive way, and eventually, make you appealing.

5. Don’t Be Selfish And Do Something For Others
Some women can be so obsessive about themselves that they rarely notice what's going on with their boyfriend or others. They only focus on getting their needs met and care less about their partners or for anyone else for that matter.

If this is who are in a romantic relationship, you might end up in a situation where the guy disappears, stops calling or texting you for no reason or argues with you all the time. It takes two for a relationship to work. So, to keep your man happy and interested, consider doing something kind and heartfelt for him sometimes, and don’t forget to let him know how much you appreciate him.

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