Heartfelt Signals: It’s The Right Time To Say “I Love You”

Intensely captivated and your feelings are irresistible, does it signifies that you have found your soul mate? Well, it is the frequently asked question that when the right time to say I love you is? People often confuse the words ‘right time’. What they think that right time means ‘too early,' ‘too soon,' ‘just right.' They start to think about the particular time and place, which can be anytime anywhere. Here what ‘right time’ actually means is that what you are feeling at the moment can be called love? Are you feeling it in your heart? Or it is just that you are expressing something that you believe is love but it is just an infatuation or liking.

To make sure that is it love or just a mere infatuation, you need to look for the signs. Signs that are crystal clear, beyond any shadow of doubts and are all set to utter the three magical words ‘I Love You.'

You have no doubts about it

It does not scare you at all. In fact, you feel super excited when you think about conveying it to your beloved one. You just want to express it, no matter what is the response going to be. Well this is what showing your love is, right? Expressing and expecting nothing in return.

There is no reason why you should not express it

If the person you are attracted to is not the one whom you know very well only then it can be excused. But if you are very close to the person you love, or you know them very well, then there is no reason left for not saying your heart out.

Do not expect anything bad to happen

If you anticipate that you will get a negative response or you might be told that you are going too fast, then this is not the right time to express. Relating it to unfortunate circumstances indicates that you are not entirely prepared to start off with your love life.

Have no control

If you can’t stop yourself and desperately want to say it, then this is what your heart is shouting. You are deeply in love. You have simply no control over your feelings, and you just can’t wait to express.

Fluttering butterflies                                                                      

Upon seeing that person your heart skips a beat, your mood is enlightened; it freshens up your mind and you can feel butterflies is the bright green signal indicating the actual intensity of your love. With respect to the time and circumstances, keep in mind the following points to be expressive in love

  • Never after the very first time you have seen that person
  • Never after the first date
  • When your head is absolutely clear about it.
  • When it feels right, say it when you want to.
  • When you feel safer and trust your partner completely.

Saying you love someone because you have fallen for that person isn’t easy. But when you finally say it and feels very deeply inside, then it isn’t better than the entire world’s love combined.

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